Volkswagen CEO is ‘looking forward’ to Apple’s upcoming self-driving car.

This new movement of Apple into the automotive world has caught the eye of the world. Countless analysts, brands, and media, they are all talking about it. Why wouldn’t they? The fact that Apple has stated the release of a self-driving car with a battery breakthrough for 2024 is just enough to shock the world. Looking at this, Volkswagen CEO, Herbert Diess, welcomes the apple car in the automotive world. He considers it to be a competitor in the modern automotive market.

Volkswagen CEO is 'looking forward' to Apple's upcoming self-driving car
Source: Apple

If you are not familiar with this latest stunt from apple then you must be living under a rock. Apple is looking serious about releasing its autonomous car by 2024. They are claiming that it will feature a “next level” battery that would bring a great change by cutting the battery cost and increasing the range of the car. Considering these facts, Volkswagen CEO left a comment thread to a student who asked for his thoughts on the Apple-project.

We look forward to new competitors who will certainly accelerate the transformation of our industry and bring in new skills. The incredible valuation [of Apple] and thus the virtually unlimited access to resources instills a lot of respect in us. A real challenge – dimensions larger than that within our industry (e.g. Toyota Motor Corporation) I have already said: The most valuable company in the world will again be a mobility company – it can be Tesla, Apple or Volkswagen AG.” (translated) – Herbert Diess

Reviews of other people, besides Volkswagen CEO.

Apple has also caught the attention of Investment Bank Morgan Stanley. They stated that Apple has the potential to do something big as building an autonomous car. They have all the right ingredients to nail it in the autonomous market.

Apple’s Project Titan was under some reconstruction, downsizing their staff members to change the direction of the autonomous approach. They said that, they are moving their car division under the safe hands of John Giannandrea, chief of AI and SIRI.

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