Vauxhall Vivaro Life is a luxurious MVP that you can buy

The Vauxhall Vivaro Life is the perfect MVP you can buy. This car includes space for more than six people or even if there are less people all that space can be utilized for extra luggage that you need to carry. So, if you have a large family, this car is highly recommended. The bulky body of the car makes it look like a van but the experience of driving this car on the road is so different and smooth.

The car works better on road that rival, luxurious cars and is preferred over them because of the engine quality of this car. The car has diesel engines only producing 148bhp and 178bhp. The 148bhp engine comes with a fitted manual gearbox while the 178bhp box comes with a standard automatic one. Vivaro Life can be considered as a commercial vehicle but the car-like experience it provides makes riding in it more enjoyable.  

The car provides the driver with a clear view of the road ahead. Not only this but the people sitting in the back can also have a clear view of the scenes and the other cars. The visibility of this car is impressive and is because of the large , square-shaped windows. The car comes in a lot of different versions having different features. The most striking feature of the car is the space it provides for the passengers as well as for the luggage. The sliding side doors make the access to all the seats easier as compared to other MVP’s.  

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Vauxhall Vivaro Life: Features:  

Vivaro Life car comes with all those features that people look for in a car these days before buying it. The car is accordingly to the present day lifestyle as technology. This car has all the attributes of a family car, 8-9 seats, lots of space for luggage, swivelling seats that can allow people to have face-to-face travels and still plenty of head and leg room to provide people with a comfortable and easy ride. Let’s see the exterior, interior, driving experience and the trunk capacity this car has.  

Vauxhall Vivaro Life: Exterior:  

The Vivaro Life’s exterior is filled with practicality and style. The smooth exterior with sculpted lines makes it eye-catching and different from all the rivals. The chrome-detail headlights present in the car make it look even more modish. The car is available in two sizes and you can choose the size of your choice. The car has panoramic glass roof that lets the rays of the sun pour into the car and provide with a bright and airy journey. With this  sliding roof you can keep the people sitting inside the car cool even for long journeys. The wheels of this car are also eye-catching and come in two standard forms as Life Edition includes the 16-inch wheels having small cover trims while the Life Elite includes the 17-inch, diamond-cut, alloy wheels which are actually bi-colour.  

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The interior of the car is so much comfy that it feels as the lounge of your house is on wheels. The spacious interior can help accommodate the whole family and can provide with flexible sitting area and handy storage spaces for all the members. This car has ergonomic seats that make longer rides more comfortable. The seats are easily adjustable and include heating options in case of cold weather. The interior includes the docking station as well that can help people charge their digital devices on the go. While driving, the Temperature, speed and engine capacity is displayed on the windscreen to make the ride safer.  

Vauxhall Vivaro Life - GoodAutoBlog

Driving and handling:  

Driving the Vivaro Life is an experience that people usually do not expect from such a giant MPV. It provides a smooth, comfy and relaxing ride on all types of roads. The car has load sensitive shock absorbers and suspension systems that help in adjusting springing and damping, depending on the type of the road you are riding on. The type of flex present in some traditional vans is not found in Vivaro Life instead the ride is more smooth. Thus, the driving and handling experience of this car is remarkable.  

Trunk Capacity:  

Vivaro Life provides with plenty of boot space which can accommodate large amounts of luggage. With 9 spacious seats, 1500 litres of boot space is present but if you take out the removable seats then the space is 4900 litres. So, the boot of this car can help carry all the luggage of a large family.  

Vauxhall Vivaro Life - GoodAutoBlog

Vauxhall Vivaro Life: Safety features:  

Vivaro Life helps in keeping all the passengers safe and so provide with a lot of safety features. It includes automatic emergency braking and forward collision alert. This makes the ride safer and more controlling. The automatic cruise control helps in providing with an astonishing riding experience.  

Pricing and Running costs: 

The Vivaro Life is a luxurious MPV car who’s price range starts from £34,165. The elite version of this car costs £45,910. The cpm offered by this car is less and so it’s economically a friendly car. The Vivaro Life 1.5T D 100 SS edition costs £29,225 with cpm 80.12p. With 1.5 T D 100 SS edition 9seat 6Spd costs £29,225 with cpm 74.69p. The Vivaro Life 1.5 T D 100 SS edition 5seat 6Spd costs £30,025 with cpm 81.70p.  

Thoughts of us:  

The reviews of this car have always been great. All the good auto dealers highly recommend this car for large families. The smooth rides this car offers, the spacious interior, large boot space and amazing safety features are the reason it has always been suggested to the customers. The comfy experience of this car gives it an upper hand over all the rival cars.  

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