Toyota Land Cruiser named the UAE’s most popular car in a new study

It’s a world-wide view on the UAE’s roads, thus it occurs as little revelation that the Toyota Land Cruiser has been known as the country’s favorite auto in the latest survey.

Toyota Land Cruiser named the UAE's most popular car in a new study
Source: The National News

The hefty SUV is the UAE’s top selling vehicle according to research through car insurance quotation provider

In a list of other states over the region, including Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Lebanon, the Land Cruiser also ranks in the top site.

All-wheel drive was initially revealed in 1951, then it was traded for more than 10 million units around the world. Fans loved it around the world, the economy, the running cost, everything was better.

According to car insurance UAE, the Land Cruiser was the second-best trendy model internationally. In positions of the number of states, it proved a bestseller, which reported deals in more than 100 countries. It was the best model in 10 states, including Tanzania and Angola.

More cars besides Land Cruiser in UAE.

The Hyundai Accent, meanwhile, was Saudi Arabia’s top-selling car. Moreover, Marquee’s Tuscon also scored the No 1 position in Jordan.

When it originates to general sales, the highly recommended car worldwide was the Toyota Corolla, according to statistics from top Selling Autos.

According to the research, in 2019 Corolla sold 1.48 million units. The Ford F-Series fell in the second position, by 1.07 million sales. Followed by Toyota’s Rav4, with just shy of 970,000 sales.

However, Toyota’s Hilux takes the highest position, being called the best popular ride in 17 states, including Australia, Thailand and South Africa.

The Skoda Octavia stood the third most prevalent model worldwide. Thus proving a top seller in countries such as Austria, Croatia, and Switzerland.

Let us know your thoughts on Toyota Land Cruiser named the UAE’s most popular car. Let’s talk in the comment section down below. Do you think land cruisers could get even higher? What will be the next move of the most popular brand in UAE?

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