New Toyota Hilux Review 2020: Still The Toughest Pickup Truck

The world’s top-selling pick-up truck. If you depart from America. Which is like saying burger king does the most well-liked cow sandwich on Earth. If you fail to remember about McDonalds. But even expecting the USA’s unquenchable thirst for open-bed liberty on wheels, the Toyota Hilux is a sales occurrence. Since 1968, Toyota’s shifted 18 million of these meek workhorses to everyone from agriculturalist to liberty fighters. By nature, you’d suppose this heavily facelifted, rigorously updated 2020 Hilux not to risk messing with such a well-liked recipe.

Toyota Hilux : Toughest Pickup Truck | Good Auto Blog
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Incorrect. Toyota has been poring above the spreadsheets, and recently they make grim reading for the Hilux. Since 2012, pick-up truck sales in Europe have dual, swept down in the torrent of din for all things 4×4 and SUV-ish. But while truck sales have reverbration, the Toyota’s market share has been consume into by the likes of the Ford Ranger wildtrack and VW Amarok – trucks aimed at wooing way of life fan in shepherds Bush as much as they make an impression on actual sheep-herders in the bush.

Toyota Hilux Interior | Good Auto Blog
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Toyota Hilux 2020 Perfomance

Toyota’s reacted to the tendency for people wishing high-spec, well-kitted pick-up trucks with strong motorway-happy engines with this refreshed contender. There’s now the option of a 2.8-litre engine on the topper cut levels, as an alternative to the workaday 2.4-litre. Inside, the range toppers brag heated leather seats, an automatic gearbox and Toyota’s latest smartphone-literate touch screen. There’s flat a JBL hi-fi and LED lights.

Great news, and very alarming. Not just because the Hilux is supposed to have the straightforwardness and longevity of Stonehenge, but because this tactic isn’t automatically a winner. The Mercedes X-Class has already been release from UK sale after its premium take on Nissan Navara underpinnings be unsuccessful to convince the pick-up truck faithful. They’ll sniff out a faker in a little while.

So, has the Hilux missing its way, or strengthen its position as a modern motering icon? We’ve trial the two –spec models:the Hilux invulnerable and invulnerable X, to search out if they’re virtuous of the best-seller or not.

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