The UK to shift half of its cars to electric by 2030.

To meet the certain goals of climate change, the government of the UK has come up with an ambitious plan. They are cutting the sales of fuel emission vehicles to reduce the amount of CO2 in the climate by 68 per cent. And to do that country will have to make the 46 per cent of the 35 million cars into environment friendly. They are introducing Electric Cars of UK.

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As intended by the prime minister who came up with the plan to protect the environment by working hard in the next 25 years. The UK needs a tremendous change on its roads. By dramatically reducing the carbon dioxide level as mentioned before to reach the neutral stage by 2050.

With the breakage of this news, the drivers are already wrapping their heads around it. Because, as of this moment the new ban is useless against the conventional cars that are already on the roads. And polluting the environment.

Well, even if this recommendation from the climate change control becomes a policy. It is still a pretty hard job to replace 16.1 million cars on the roads of the UK. There is only 200,000 registration of EV vehicles. By looking at these facts, the UK needs the registration of two million new cars each year. Two million cars to go EV each year to reach the climate change goal by nine years.

Here’s a catch: Electric Cars of UK.

There are also other factors to consider. For instance, installing the charge points for each EV car is a big problem. The materials and elements that are required to build such things would become difficult access. Scientists in the UK have already warned the government through the letter. Installing a high number of charge points will develop a new problem as the government will be bound to increase the supply of cobalt annually.

That’s not only it, the processes that are required to manufacture new cars also generates tons of CO2 into the environment. So, in order to reach the goal, they are bound to go the other way first.

Let us know in the comments. What do you think about this new ban. If you’re a UK citizen, do you really think it’ll be helpful?

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