The New management of Audi Tradition and Auto Union GmbH

TThomas Frank the head of Audi Tradition and Managing Director of Auto Union GmbH. He will wind-up his job and pensioned off by the end of 2020. It is happening after 21 years in the service of Audi history. The new Management of Audi Tradition is under Stefan Trauf who will work as a new Head on January 1st-2021.

The New management of Audi Tradition and Auto Union GmbH
Source: Audi-Mediacenter

Thomas Frank has been at work for AUDI AG since 1991. And he has constructing up the newly formed department of Audi Tradition in 1999. During his period, he saw the construction of the Audi museum mobile, which opened 20 years ago.

The antique subdivision of the corporation became a figurehead of the quatern rings. And it also went hand in hand with a new historical cognizance of the Audi workforce.

The ancient consequence of the Ingolstadt-based vehicle company with over 120 years of history was obviously documented. And many activities supported it in his more than 20 years of service. In addition to setting up a proficient company collection, these events also included his conscientious research, which permitted many book projects and serves as a qualified knowledge base for authorities all around the world.

Something More:

Comprehensive refurbishments to protruding antique vehicles from our own history reflect the gratitude in the classic car scene. Thomas Frank and his team also made penetrating provisions for numerous actions and buoyed them strongly – whether historical automobile events inside and outdoor of Germany, special exhibits in Audi museum mobile, or even every twelve months model car market, which industrialized into the largest in southern Germany.

The formation of an additional parts source for the satisfied holders of classic and modern classic cars with the four rings on their grille was also gifted masterfully. The inventory of historical exhibits in the workshop, “the hallowed halls,” saw a massive increase in Thomas Frank’s time: from 140 automobiles in 1999 to 690 today. The number of historic motorbikes produced from 50 to 200.

For so many years Thomass frank stayed as the face of the Audi Tradition. He denoted AUDI AG to the public in the best conceivable way and made an unresolved contribution to the consciousness of our history. Wishing you all the best for the well-earned retirement.

The new Management of Audi Tradition:

The new head of Audi Tradition Stefan Trauf and the Managing Director of Auto Union GmbH on January 1, 2021. He was born in 1972 in Ingolstadt and continue to work for the brand with the four rings since 2001. The expert has led Corporate Risk Management at AUDI AG in the last five years. At Auto Union GmbH, Stefan Trauf has been the legal representative since 2015 and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since 2019.

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