The auto industry wants more government support for Electric Vehicles

More electric vehicles, it’s about time people are making a promising move towards something that’s beneficial for both the people and the climate. The US automotive industry has called for more support from the government to adopt more electric vehicles. This big step requires some innovative measures and incentive means from the government.


According the new report that was released on Tuesday, the innovation committee has decided that it’s time to bring a positive change. That is, of course, focusing on investing an extensive amount in building electric cars. Such cars will feature some advanced and futuristic tech that ensures safety as well as class. The report also mentioned that the automotive industry is ready to move to a different state of cars.

Considering the global pandemic situation, the manufacturers and automakers of cars showed reluctance in asking for government support. It does make sense because the demand from the consumers was relatively low.

Joe Biden: A New Hope to Bring More Electric Vehicles.

Right after his amazing win over the former president Donald Trump, Joe Biden has announced far more support towards adopting the electric style. For instance, he announced $400 billion dollars as an investment towards making the industry clean. It also includes the new state of vehicles. This is the part of his climate plan to install 500,000 charging points all around the UK by the end of 2030. As of now, the USA feature 29,000 charging outlets. Considering such facts makes this step quite complex.

The report issued by the alliance of automotive world suggests the best support for the consumers and the company. Currently, the federal government of the USA is offering $7500 tax for the consumers who choose to buy the electric car. And for each wind-down period, each automaker is allowed to sell 200,000 units of their vehicles. And General Motors and Tesla are the only one to reach up to that level.

As we talked about the incentive means earlier, the government is just doing that in both the manufacturing and research. They are also in pursuit of getting their hand on the technology that offer self-driving vehicles.

Let us know what you think about this step? will it be beneficial or not? find out what it’s like in UK here.

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