Tesla Cab – Tesla Model 3 Taxi Turns Heads in New York City

Two months ago, the luxurious car (tesla model 3) in the automotive world stepped on the road but it was giving different vibes this time. Wherever this vehicle goes in new york, it turns heads towards it. This is because the owner of this car is using it as a Taxi. Yeah, that’s right, a Tesla Cab. Even the thought of this makes the automotive fans tickle their stomach.

Source: businessinsider

This particular cab has the typical characteristics of the New York Cab. But it also bears a little resemblance to its cabby colleague. It owned and operated by Drive Sally. According to the owner and the founder of the company, Nicholas Williams, the arrival of the new tesla cab is a success. He says it’s an awesome car and our employees love to drive it. It brings out the novelty of driving it again and again and it catches most of the attention. The company will soon open the new charging outlets for their vehicles.

As of now, Tesla Model 3 is the only fully electric vehicle to be allowed as a Taxi. And Drive Sally is working with tesla on getting more of their luxurious vehicles on taxi in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The owner thinks that it could be a good change for the daily cab users.

It is pretty exciting to see such a good car on road, but one would never think of seeing it as a taxi or cab. But, personally, I’d like to sit in a luxurious cab like this and move around new york. The people who can’t really afford this car would love to drive in such taxis and cabs.

So, let us know your thoughts on this. Would you be willing to see the awesome and high-end car on the road as a cab in your city? We don’t see why not.

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