T-ROC AND T-ROC CABRIOLET is a stylish vehicle with high technology

The T-Roc family was first launched in 2017, Both the T-Roc and T-Roc Cabriolet have the most stylish and eye-catching looks, If your preferences are looking more than other features than these two cars could be for you. T-Roc comes with the most high-technology kits and when it comes to the T-Roc cabriolet, the car has an open-top that most people likely to go for; the car comes with an amazing design and latest infotainment systems, with 17-inch wheels and powered roof. Know more about the specifications and features the T-Roc family provide in detail.  


 T-Roc and T-Roc Cabriole Feature 

First, let’s start with the engine specifications, you can have plenty of engine options to choose from in both cars, In T-Roc you can have three petrol and two diesel engines with four-wheel-drive. The basic level of T-Roc has115hp 1.0-liter petrol which is best for you if traveling is limited to the town, the second engine option you can have is 150hp 1.5-liter petrol which is more powerful to travel on motorways also, and you can get 1.6-liter diesel with 115hp that comes only in manual, front-wheel-drive.

If you are a traveling lover then this 2.0-liter 150hp diesel suits you the best. The most powerful 190hp petrol version is much faster and comes with a four-wheel drive and automatic gearbox. These cost you a bit more but consider the gearbox, it will help you in traffic jams and you will also have plenty of other features as well like driver assistance, etc. 

In T-Roc Cabriolet you will be only offered petrol engines, Again you have a choice from three engines, you can have either manual front-wheel-drive with 115hp 1.0-litre or 150hp 1.5 four engines with the choice of a manual or automatic gearbox. 

T- ROC Exterior:  

Talking about the exterior is the most amazing part because the T-Roc family is all about style and looks, In T-Roc you can choose two-tone paint colors for your car and can also have a range of many colors like orange, blue and yellow.  


In T-Roc cabriolet with its extra stylish looks provide extra exterior features as well that include Body-color bumpers, Chrome trim on the upper and lower radiator grille, Automatic hazard lights activation under emergency braking, LED rear number plate lights, Black door handles, High-level 3rd brake light, Front and rear electric windows and more. 


The Interior of the T-Roc family has got an 8-inch touch screen with multiple functions. The T-Roc basic level has smartphones mirroring (Android phones and Apple phones). Let’s get into the seating arrangement, the car is for 5 people but the back row is congested somewhere so it can be difficult for three large people to fit in comfortably. There’s additionally an enormous irregularity in the VW T-Roc’s floor that your center traveler needs to lift their legs over, yet in any event, the footwells are sufficiently wide to oblige everybody’s feet. There are small storage places to have a clean car, storage bins like front door bins that can have 1.5-liter bottles, and also has a glove box. The basic-level car also comes with a tray beneath the driver’s seat; you also get two USB ports.  


In T-Roc Cabriolet you will have features includingFront USB type C Interface 2X and USB charging socket, Title and cover art display, Music playback – MP3, WMA and AAC files, Diversity antenna for FM reception, WeConnect plus, Bluetooth – Simultaneous pairing of 2 compatible mobile devices, SMS functionality – read, compose and send SMS messages using touch-screen display and DAB Digital radio. 

T- ROC Driving and Handling: 

The T-Rocs family provides you an adjustable driving position, steering wheel, and front seats. Both cars come with comfortable seats and where you can also have sports seats in Sports Pack. You can have a clear view while driving. Although you can have trouble while parking due to the small windscreen for that you can have light controls to protect and navigate you in the right direction. In the T-Roc cabriolet, you will have many features on the touch screen like audio connections and Bluetooth telephone. 

T-ROC AND T-ROC CABRIOLET- Driving and Handling -

 Trunk Capacity:  

The T-Roc has perhaps the greatest boot of any little SUV and it’s dead simple to have luggage with the secondary lounges collapsed level. You’ll have the option to convey 445 liters of baggage in the VW T-Roc’s boot with every one of the five seats set up. That is sufficient space for a child cart and some delicate sacks or a couple of huge bags, The VW’s heap straight is overall quite square so it’s anything but difficult to pack loaded with boxes and you get a flexible boot floor that assists cut with bringing down the stature of the fairly tall boot lip. You can have space up to 1,290 liters if you fold down all the back seats. In the T-Roc Cabriolet, there is not much space, you get only 284 liters of boot space. 

T-Roc and T-Roc Cabriolet Safety features:  

In T-Roc, you can get safety features to make your drive safer. In the standard model, there are front and back parking sensors. But in top-spec vehicles, you even get a self-parking framework that will guide you into the inlet and equal spaces. You can also have an upgraded kit that includes the reasonably estimated Pre-Crash inhabitant insurance framework. That’ll close the windows, prepared the brakes for a crisis stop. Most importantly, it pre-pressure the safety belts to hold you safely. This will set up on the off chance if you have an accident.

At a basic level, you have cruise control as well. It will help keep up a protected separation to vehicles in front and get back to the speed you had. You additionally get a programmed crisis slowing down as standard over the T-Roc range. It will help keep away from mishaps by applying the brakes if the vehicle’s sensors identify an impediment in the street ahead. 

In T-Roc cabriolet you can have the safety features as well like Driver tips and journey analysis. There are Lane assists with warning text instrument cluster, Mobile phone interface, Emergency call service. The Driver alert system with fatigue detection, road sign display, Start/stop system with brake energy recovery and Navigation system. 

T-ROC Pricing and Running costs: 

The price of T-Roc starts from the range of Rs 1999000. You can have different versions and different options according to your requirements. While T-Roc cabriolet pricing starts from the range of Rs 23 lakhs. 


Thoughts of good auto dealers: 

The reviews and thoughts of the good auto dealers about the T-Roc family. They are the car providers, a comfortable ride and has impressive safety. Good boot space to carry limited but enough amount of luggage, trims. But overall it’s worthy to have it, cars have high-Technology specifications which are a big advantage for long journeys.  

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