Suzuki Jimny have best interior, robust exterior, good driving performance

In the world of SUVs, Suzuki doesn’t disappoint with the introduction of Jimny. Surprisingly, the previous Jimny stuck around for about twenty years because of its promising performance and economical price. However, Suzuki has indeed outdone itself with the latest release of Jimny. It is the perfect off-roader available at a good price. Overall, it has a simple yet elegant interior, robust exterior, and good driving performance when you’re not on the motorway. Suzuki Jimny is not a car for the normal roads but on the rough terrain, it’s brilliant.    


Jimny has a lot of resemblance to its ancestors. If we compare it to its previous generation i.e. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd – we can find a lot of similarities that have been upgraded according to the latest requirements.   


The foundation of the Suzuki Jimny is the steel, ladder chassis that allows it to be an exemplary off-roader. Available in six dynamic colors, this SUV-styled part-time 4WD wagon is loved by all despite it being a little uncomfortable. If we have a detailed look at the exterior. We can see that many of the striking components are inspired by the previous versions of Suzuki Jimny. The round headlights, horizontal slit-like mapping, the clamshell bonnet, and the rear-view tail lights on the bumper are all classical features.


To sum up the entire interior of the Suzuki Jimny, we could say that it is simple and elegant. The steering wheel is optimum for many but tall people can find it hard to adjust with it. However, since the height of the steering wheel can be adjusted – this matter is mostly resolved. Since it is a compact SUV, there are few problems with space because of less space for elbow-rest and arm-rest. But other than that, the front seats are spacious enough. On the other hand, the rear seats are crampy and do not offer much legroom either. 

If the car had better side bolsters, then the weight of the driver and the passenger have been easily handled. But keep in mind, this hatchback is not for sharp turns or a fast and furious type of driving.  

Suzuki Jimny- Interior-

The infotainment system is pretty straightforward and easy to deal with. There are no buttons and everything is at your fingertips or your glove-tips. Yes, you can easily operate the infotainment system while wearing your gloves.  The SZ4 gen had the basic Bluetooth, USB port, and DAB radio but the high-spec latest SZ5 generation has a touchscreen and sat-nav. You can also sync your smartphone with the car’s screen using the Smartphone Link but it isn’t as efficient as the Auto Android or Apple Car play. All in all, just like its exterior the interior seems sturdy and durable and the simplistic look isn’t disappointing at all.  

Trunk Space 

Either you can have passengers in the back of your car or your luggage – you choose. One of the most disappointing factors in our opinion is the boot space offered by Suzuki Jimny. With the 377 litres boot space, you can not expect to fit a lot of your belongings if the rear seats are occupied by 2 people. Even though it is a four-seater but if you’re planning to go camping or hiking, it wouldn’t be best to take your kids, because simply put – there won’t be much space. Moreover, with raised rear seats you can have struggle fitting even a small bag at the back. 

Suzuki Jimny-Trunk-

Driving & Handling 

As mentioned in the introductory text, Suzuki Jimny is not a motorway car. With its 1.5-litre engine, the vehicle struggles to get to high speeds on highways and finds it even harder to maintain it. While you’re out on the roads with this off-roader, we’d recommend you to cruise silently on the road instead of trying to hit the pedal too hard.  

It is a lightweight car that is easy to maneuver but only when it is in its habitat. Suzuki Jimny is produced to be driven on rough terrain and slippery surfaces where its abilities are beyond brilliant making its driving performance break records. But once you put it on a road, the engine will make noise while revving and if the speed is increased. 

It comes with a standard five-speed manual gearbox whereas the automatic version has only four gears. Honestly, none of them is too impressive but it performs well when driven over hills. Even though it is having a 3-link rigid suspension with coil rings. Even small inconveniences on the road may seriously jolt the vehicle. Such mishaps are ignored when you take them off-road. 


The latest 4th gen Suzuki Jimny is available at the price of 18665.76 pounds. However, if the entire range is considered then the prices are starting from £15,664. As compared to its competitors, Suzuki Jimny is a great car available at a very pocket-friendly price. And as we all know the reliability of Suzuki cars; we won’t be surprised if we told you that this car comes with a five-year warranty.  

Running Costs  

CO2 emissions are high at 156 g/km which doesn’t make it a very efficient car. While the CO2 emissions are not fulfilling, the fuel consumption isn’t that bad. Jimny returns about 40 mpg in the absence of any high-functioning turbo engine. This cannot be ignored that even though Suzuki is not an environmental-friendly car. It is not very hard to main. It can be serviced and repaired very quickly as the maintenance parts are easy to find and install. Overall, Suzuki Jimny is a good investment and a fantastic investment. This is very beneficial for people who are going to specifically use it for their adventures.  

Suzuki Jimny- Running cost -

Suzuki Jimny Safety Features 

When it comes to the safety features installed in the Suzuki Jimny, it is safe to say that Suzuki has put in a good effort and we’ll grade it A. The famous High Beam Assist has made its way in this model too and it illuminates a good length of the road for you to drive without worrying. The DSBS takes care of you in emergencies (like if you’re about to crash into another car), it deploys brake assist according to the severity of the situation. 

It is also equipped with airbags (front and side), along with the EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) that is activated when your car is on a slippery surface and two of the tires have lost control. It ensures that the rest of the two tires have a firm grip over the surface so that you’re safe at all times.   

The Lane Departure Warning, Hill Hold Control Manual & Automatic, Hill Control Descent, and Traffic Sign Recognition are all the other features of the brand new Suzuki Jimny that work in a unique combination to keep you safeguarded at all times.   

Thoughts of GoodAutoDeals 

If we are, to sum up, Suzuki Jimny in one sentence, we will say – a lightweight yet strong and economical car. While it may not pass for a family car, if you’re looking for a vehicle that will aid you in climbing hills or going across from one rough terrain to another, then Suzuki Jimny is what you’re definitely looking for.  

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