Renault sales fell down 21% in 2020 but stay on target

Today French Renault said the sales all over the world fell by 21.3% per year prior. By neglecting to meet assumptions of an overall vehicle market. In world economies, this market is set off by the Covid-19 pandemic and slowing the process.

Renault sales fell down but this Zoe Car is best seller    
Source: europe.autonews

The association is endeavoring to change its performance. As they remember that, it had overstretched itself over the years of driven overall expansion. It said today that the inversion plan was still on the way. It has said a basic part of that plan that is an accentuation on profitability but not on the sales volume.

CEO Luca de Meo said in a declaration “We are starting 2021 with more numbers of solicitations as compared to the year 2019, a lower level of stock and a more noteworthy expense arranging across the entire reach”.

According to the association, the full-scale bargains a year back stayed at 2.949 million vehicles globally. The decrement in the Renault bargains in Europe was 25.8%, to some degree neglecting the wider European auto market.

However, the sales of electric vehicles in the region were strong that rises  101.4% from 2019 to 115,888.

Renault wipes out workers:

A year back, Renault declared to wipe out around 15,000 workers. Moreover, he reduces the production and modifies French plants in a proposal just to save an amount of €2 billion.

Like its Japanese association partner Nissan, Renault is rowing back on a strong improvement plan, that is sought after through Carlos Ghosn. But the past chief turned out to deserter. The pair were among the most vulnerable worldwide automakers that are going into the Covid-19 emergency. As coming up short on an unmistakable arrangement for utilizing their partnership because they want to rise out of the droop and offer the weight of putting resources into electric vehicles and the other innovation.

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