Porsche is now going to invest financially with Rimac company

Porsche is going to look at Rimac’s most recent financing round as the electric automaker wants to raise €130 million to €150 million ($157 million – $181 million).

Visiting with German scattering Automobilwoche, Mate Rimac affirmed the news and added that another financing round is ready for the year’s end, Reuters notes. While it is not clear that how much Porsche plans to put resources into Rimac. It is an advantage in the financing round recommends that a muddled game-plan including itself. Bugatti and Rimac may before long be done up.

Porsche going o invest with rimac
Source: Rimac

A few months before, there has been a theory that the VW Group would offer the Bugatti brand to Rimac as a compromise for Porsche taking a more noteworthy stake in the Croatian vehicle maker. The chance of this strategy is working out exactly as expected each month earlier. As after the remarks made by Porsche CEO Oliver Blume in February.

Talking with Reuters, Blume said that Bugatti and Rimac are a decent imaginative fit and this partnership could be reached before the second 50% of the year.

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“Right now there is extreme direction on how Bugatti can be made in the most ideal manner,” he said. “Rimac could expect a segment here considering how the brands are good and are mechanical fit. There are different conditions with various plans. I recognize that the issue will be decided by the group in the first six months of the year.”

It is guaranteed that if a game-plan is reached. Porsche will develop its present 15.5 percent stake in Rimac to as much as 49%`. Rimac would then be given the Bugatti brand with no cash propelling hands.

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