Nissan Kicks wins Technology of the Year award for e-POWER

In a competitive world of today, the newly arrived Nissan Kicks SUV just came out on top by winning the “Technology of the year” award for its high-end electrified powertrain. The conference of Automotive Researchers and Journalists in Japan awarded the brand’s new car for its e-power. That’s not only it, but this car also happens to be in the list of six best vehicles of the year. Read more to find out about the impressive electric powertrain.

The newly arrived vehicle has so many high-end features that make it worthy of receiving such titles. It offers a powerful yet quiet and responsive ride. All of this was made possible due to the massive upgrade in diminishing the frequency of the engine. All the operations feature a very smooth run throughout when compared against the previous e-power systems. Besides that, this car is indeed a top model considering the top-end acceleration, the stylish exterior and interior designs and breathtaking riding experience.

Source: Namaste Car

What’s more about Nissan Kicks?

The buyers are going to enjoy the perfect blend of the gasoline engine and stealth electric experience that this exquisite car has to offer. The high-end gasoline engine powers and tune up the high battery output of this car. It ensures that the drive is fuel efficient along with the optimal speed. The brand new Kicks happens to be the third model with e-power after the arrival of Nissan Note and Nissan Serena.

When it comes to the practicality, the Kicks failed to disappoint the fans around the automotive world. The futuristic exterior, along with a huge cabin that offers extensive space for you and your family. Everything about this car, the engine performance, the quietness, the exquisite designs including floating-roof, V-motion grille, and stylish LED headlamps. The zero Gravity seats add a character of comfort to your driving experience.

In short, the brand new car deserves all the praise it gets. Let us know in the comments, if you think Kicks is worthy of receiving such title.

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