New luxurious Honda CR-V with a vivid and attractive appearance

The mid-sized SUV will sport the most intimidating design, as seen in recent leaks according to official photos of the new generation Honda CR-V

After teasing the upcoming update of the HR-V subcompact SUV Honda has released images of the “all-new” 2023 CR-V compact SUV. The unusual choice considering that SUVs have been the dominant feature of automobile line ups for some time period of time. The teaser photos reveal large portions of the CR’s front and rear angles that coincide precisely with images that were leaked from Chinese government filings from last week.

The CR-design V’s have changed this time and Honda promises greater performance, better manoeuvrability, and a more sporty driving experience thanks to a new hybrid design.

A more luxurious with a vivid and attractive appearance

Its Honda CR-V teaser photos show what appears to be the top of the line model, with distinct style and sharp daylight running lamps. The L-shaped taillights have been expanded to incorporate tiny LED-lit L-shapes inside the housing. Additionally, a set of huge exhaust outlets are seen further down. The photos show a totally modern front design featuring a fresh bumper, upgraded intakes along with more slim headlights. The front bumper has an upright grille that is which is inspired by the Accord sedan, which gives the car a luxurious and striking design.

The increased adaptability coupled with the “sturdy” design may indicate a more off-road friendly CR-V or a TrailSport model that is stylish but without the features. The top spoiler seems to be a bit larger, while the rear window is small. The versatility could also refer to storage in the interior and luggage space, or it could refer to a variant from the Fit’s magic Seat that we love.

Hybrid Engine is poised to catch the the limelight

Honda Australia is yet to confirm what engine options are available in the new CR-V model, but the forthcoming SUV mid-size is likely to follow in the HR-V small SUV as well as the Civic hatch’s example and include an option for hybrid. For those in the United States, the current fifth-generation CR-V comes with a series-parallel hybrid option , like the Toyota RAV4 – although this engine was not available in Australia.

Following a previous generation vehicle that was lagging in the direction of it by a significant amount in comparison to the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in a comparative test, the promise of more lively driving in this CR-V Hybrid is particularly welcome. It’s unclear if Honda will stick with the hybrid standard or opt for their ‘e-HEV system. This transforms the CR-V into an entirely electric vehicle, with an engine that acts to extend the range, and powering the battery.

The electronic-HEV system, made up of a dual-motor setup with an output of 158kW/315Nm as well as an extended range 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, will likely be employed for this configuration.

It is expected that the 2023 Honda CR-V will make its debut in the next couple of weeks, prior to the sales beginning in the fall. The smaller HR-V and the larger Pilot will be redesigned in 2023. Follow The Car Guide as normal to make sure you don’t forget anything. Honda promises more information on the 2023 CR-V will be announced in the summer, so keep in touch.

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