Modern and Classic Look of new Singer Wild Car

Singer Vehicle Design is acclaimed and is the most famous model due to its modification Porsche 911s. But anyway, having a strong impression in the 911 tunning scene. The company of California never step back to stretch the extremities.

Singer All-Terrain Competition Study (ACS)
source: Porsche

A substantial model is Singer’s latest model which is a reexamined 911. a wild 4×4 fan relative in ethos to the Porsche 911 SC Safari famous rally vehicle of the 1970s.

The Singer All-Terrain Competition Study (ACS), and it is just not a parking space like a Crown. Honestly, the owner of the car charged it to go hustling and to making this vehicle for the race. This is Singer’s first vehicle that is ready for competition. Supporting this division was the United Kingdom’s Tuthill Porsche, an expert in changing model 911s into show machines.

Mind-Blowing Features

The ACS relies upon  964-age 911 with incorporates segments, such as the wide back wing, that remember the prominent 959 show vehicles that once took on and won the Dakar Rally during the 1980s. Its engine is a 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged with level 6 that is air-cooled. It also takes around 450 horsepower. It isn’t clear what the transmission is but we know the drive is accessible with four wheels.

The singer said more details on the ACS will be revealed in the coming days, so remain tuned. There has been a huge load of interest in Safari-style 911s nowadays. Lehman Keen seems to throw out the latest trend with the dispatch of his Keen Project Safari transformation program in 2013. Since the well-known famous Porsche tuners, Gemballa and Ruf have similarly goaded their designs, and even Porsche appears to be looking through its entry.

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