Mitsubishi Reborn Evolution – Power and Design

Nokia cellular company has given us a bitter lesson to survive in the market. Innovation and new product launches are like oxygen. Otherwise, the company will ultimately become obsolete and will be stampeded by the giant rival companies.  Mitsubishi automobile makers fall under the same category. It is also known as the forgotten Japanese automaker. And even called the 12th players of the Renault- Nissan Alliance. Mitsubishi has faced its share of struggles with surviving in the market and, very much like Nissan, has embarked on the journey to stay afloat in the market where it used to reign in Southeast Asia.

Mitsubishi Reborn Evolution - Power and Design
Source: CarBuzz

North America will receive the all-new 2021 Mitsubishi  Outlander under the same platform as Nissan. All the remaining line ups except eclipse cross are becoming outdated day by day. No wonder there will be a day when it will become obsolete unless and until innovations. And news ideas will go into it. 

According to the recent Japanese publication report Spyder7, that could come in an updated version of the 2017 e – evolution concept.

At the time of its launch, it was a rumor that Mitsubishi is gauging its users’ reaction by turning its most popular,  most loved, and discontinued Lancer–based sport Sedan into an all-electric SUV. The response was not as positive as was expected, but somehow it was not purely negative. This reaction was enough to give them the courage to continue on their project. According to the Japanese press, it is going to debut in 2021.

DESIGN of Mitsubishi Reborn Evolution:

The report from reliable resources reveals that there will be a difference in the design of the concept and the road model or the final product. The most significant changes are that the side doors have been eliminated. The A-pillar has been given a steeper slope, while the rear end is now in more coup- like styling. The new and exclusive multi-headlights are now in place of the old styling. It is changing them from vertical to horizontal. The bold characters on the sides mostly remain the same.

Mitsubishi Reborn Evolution - Power and Design
Source: Carbuzz


If we talk about power, then it will be battery-electric. The concept has featured a triple motor setup, one at the front and two at the rear. But the brand will change it somehow at the production time. The drive system will have the same four-wheel-drive S-AWC System. It will give the four wheels optimum performance in all conditions.

This was all that about the exterior. Now we will come towards the interior design. Interior design has now more space, with a giant touch screen display of all the latest gadgets and buttons with very few physical buttons.

It will not be an overstatement to say that e -evolution is US-bound. This will not hopefully be a rival to compete for their monopoly, but this vehicle will reestablish its performance and rise to its former glory.


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