Mini Considers Its Hatchback ‘Our 911’ and Declares to Stay Faithful to Its Retro Look

Every time Porsche has been manufacturing the same 911 for decades. The new SUV will eventually be joined by other new models that push the Mini range into new areas. But Korber thought the hatch would stay true to its unique viewpoint.

Mini Considers Its Hatchback ‘Our 911’ and Declares to Stay Faithful to Its Retro Look
Source: TheDrive

Mini head Bernd Korber stated that the Mini’s next hatchback fourth-generation is coming in 2023. And it would be its most substantial makeover since its revival by BMW in 2001. But similar to all the Coopers previously, it’ll still have the resemblance looks we’re used to by now. 

Bernd Korber talked about the brand’s style to its essential hatchback. Korber associated the Mini hatch’s status within the brand to the Porsche 911, a nearly replaced car by the Porsche 928. By chance, the client went for the 911, and the CEO of Porsche AG looked up to keep the 911 existent. 

Körber clarified to the Autocar that the 911 has to be vigilantly settled over time as it’s what Porsche stands for. It’s close to them, and Porsche had to build a step away from what it was related with. Now they have a much more comprehensive portfolio.

He stated that the three-door hatchback would persist the “core” of Mini’s brand uniqueness. The next generation of Minis will include an efficient Native and still a  modern larger crossover. The brand is also thinking about modifying its illusory living-room-on-wheels Urbanaut idea into a production auto. However, the hatchback is always having to be the best Mini.

What Chief Oliver Heilmar said about Mini:

Chief Oliver Helmer, the designer of Mini, clarified to Autocar that they are coming closer to the generation of what Mini is famous for – the three-door hatch.  They will maintain what Mini is renowned for, that’s not only design features but the sizes, solid feel, and friendly behaviors.”

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