Mercedes Employee Destroys 50 Cars With Hijacked Bulldozer

A worker at a Mercedes-Benz production line in Vitoria-Gasteiz in northern Spain has been terminated. It was after his picked strategy for challenging conceivable mass cutbacks. As per El Correo, the 38-year-old now-previous assembly line laborer. Mercedes Employee figured out how to capture a Caterpillar hefty tractor stopped outside of the office’s grounds. And he smashed it through the front door the evening of December 30.

Mercedes Employee Destroys 50 Cars With Hijacked Bulldozer
Source: CarBuzz

The 38-year-old at that point started his frenzy of obliterating in excess of 50 Mercedes EQV. It also included V-Class and Vito business vans. The complete estimation of the now-added up to vehicles is more than 2 million euros. The anonymous specialist hadn’t lost his employment before his “fight” however he’s very jobless at this point.

His anger more likely than not been profound on the grounds that the tractor he took was found 13 miles from the manufacturing plant. During the burglary, he additionally harmed two other modern digging tools, a left vehicle, and other development materials. His excursion to the plant likewise made harm public streets.

Following the van demolition savagery, the person made a beeline for the creation line itself, explicitly the last stage. His definitive objective was to access the automated mechanical production system on the grounds that the new innovation required less human workers, thus the potential cutbacks. Safety officers figured out how to stop him before he arrived at the line.

What’s next for Mercedes Employee?

In the event that he and his taken tractor started crushing the mechanical production system, odds are the processing plant would have been compelled to close down for quite a long time for fixes. Luckily, besides a little support group, nobody was working at that point so there were no wounds. The man was immediately captured and is relied upon to be accused of different violations. For example, robbery, and annihilation of public and private property. He’s at present anticipating a court date in the neighborhood prison where formal charges will be brought.

The German automaker has not yet remarked on the occurrence, however, the person’s activities probably won’t influence its choice whether to continue with cutbacks.

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