Mercedes Celebrates 40 Years Of A Very Important Safety Feature

When it comes to luxury driving with significantly reduced risks, Mercedes is the best brand out there. It’s been 40 years since they have started to make our driving safe and way ahead of its time. Every time, they showcase some amazing safety features with innovative technology. The same technology becomes standard in other brands. And we can expect the same from the upcoming 2022 Mercedes EQS. It’ll set new standards for all the luxury cars out there. Because of an intelligent AI voice assistant, advanced driver assists, augmented reality head-up display, and up to five screens. But what’s the important safety feature the brand is celebrating? Back in 1980, the brand was the first ever to induce cars that feature an airbag and seatbelt tensioner.

Mercedes combined the airbag with the seatbelt tensioner and invented a very safe driving feature that now comes as standard in the automotive world. Both features react to the same sensor signal in order to provide a very accurate and precise safety measure. At the point when actuated, a fuel charge is terminated to fix the seat’s three-point safety belt inside milliseconds. It dispensed with the common leeway between the inhabitant’s chest area and the safety belt. And holds both the driver and front traveler solidly in the seat. Mercedes kept on building up this framework, joining the tensioners with belt power limiters in 1995. And adding an electronic safety belt tensioner in 2002 that released the safety belt if no crash happens.

At first, the blend of both wellbeing frameworks was just accessible for the S-Class and SEC Coupes as a discretionary extra, yet was accessible as discretionary additional items for all Mercedes-Benz traveler vehicles in 1982.

In the 1990s.

By 1992, the driver’s airbag as standard in all Mercedes models. A couple of years after the fact, a traveler airbag turned into a standard security include in Mercedes vehicles from 1994. From that point forward, Mercedes has presented various other creative airbags fitted in various positions, adding a side bag to the 210 model arrangement E-Class, a window airbag in 1998, and a knee airbag in 2009 among others to offer assurance in an assortment of mishap situations.

Mercedes after forty Years.

Mercedes Celebrates 40 Years Of A Very Important Safety Feature
Source: Carbuzz

After 40 years, Mercedes keeps on growing new security innovation, as the new S-Class is the primary vehicle to offer frontal airbags for back travelers intended to decrease the heap on the head and neck of travelers controlled via safety belts in these seats.

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