Is Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) about to launch an electric car in 2024?

Reuters reported Monday that Apple [NASDAQ: AAPL] will work out to launch an Apple Electric car in 2024, possibly taking advantage of battery technology from the tech titan.

Apple car reportedly targets 2024 launch with battery breakthrough
Source: Slash Gear

According to the report, The iPhone manufacturer’s automotive struggles, referred to as Project Titan, have continued. Nowadays Apple workout to build a car. It refers to two unspecified sources common with the matter.

The report said, the main character will be a battery design that will ” drastically ” lessen the cost and build-up range. The so-called “monocell” idea would feature greater than standard cells as the central structure blocks of a battery pack, rather than modules composed of many smaller cells.

According to the report, Apple would probably hire a contract maker to manufacture the car. Now it does with various of its recent products, which also showed the electrical-car plan wasn’t a complete deal. Sources said that Apple may perhaps still extend back its set up from a complete car to a separate driving system. And epidemic-related breaks could shove the launch of any car back to 2025.

Apple Car back in 2015

As you also know that this wouldn’t be the first Apple car false alarm. In 2015, Apple stated that they had entitled an electric car as a “committed project,”. And it was a planned “ship date” of 2019. In 2018, Apple employed Tesla veteran Doug Field to run the project. But he ended up laying off 190 people from the group in 2019.

Yet, Apple was just granted some automotive charters. One for a system that finds out cracks in windows, a sensor insertion, and a holographic head-up display. This is revealing the company is still keenly working on car tech. The company has been gradually building up automotive charters for the previous years. And it includes certain for steer-by-wire and suspension systems in 2019.

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