Honda Antivirus: Air Conditioning

This novel corona pandemic has changed our lives like never before. Gradually we are coming to terms with this pandemic by adapted life swell–being from this fatal virus. Honda is also playing its part to secure its vehicles for the well–being of the drivers. We are calling it, Honda Antivirus. They are introducing to launch its product which will be like an “anti-virus air conditioning system. In an experiment, 99 percent of all the airborne viruses were said to be holdback in just 15 minutes. 

Honda Antivirus: Air Conditioning
Source: The Asahi Shimbun

The manufacturer has made this product due to its increasing demand and usage for anti-virus in this growing pandemic. 

But one question that they cannot answer is that is this “mask” really helpful in eradicating Corona Virus? Nobody is sure about the development of such systems. And they will check their statement’s accuracy. 

KURUMASK: Honda Antivirus

They have come up with a creative name. Kurumask ( car mask ) was initially in Honda’s slightly N- Box mini-vehicle that went on sale on 25 December. Now, they are further increasing their production for other vehicles.

Takaharu Echigo, who is in charge of the Kurumask’s development, says“ We want to make our drivers feel safe and comfortable even they keep their car’s windows closed in cold weather.” 

How is it used?

You can simply activate their car mask by covering their air conditioning filters with the product and reduce the air circulation so that more fresh air will be blocked from entering the vehicle from the air conditioning. 

The mask has built-in small spikes on it that catches all the harmful viruses and blocks them from entering the vehicle.

The team that has developed it further elaborates that in its experimental phases, it has successfully blocked four different types of viruses, and each virus had different kinds of characteristics. 

The question is that from where they must have gotten this inspiration??  Well, it has an exciting answer. They took this inspiration from the wings of dragonflies that have spikes on their wings to clean the branches. 

If we look into the car mask structure, we will know that it is of the light element aluminum and has the rustproof technology. And spikes are created by the chemical reaction on the surface of the material. 

This team has initially collaborated with the team that has exclusively built the car to transport covid 19 patients. It was an initial design and it gave more security and comfort to the driver. 

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