Hellcat Mazda RX-7 is A Crumpled Japanese-American Power Car

Since Dodge deliver the Hellcat, people have been releasing the supercharged V8 into all type of cars. Most of these operations involve other Mopar power machines. Although a Buick Grand National and some other non-Chrysler car have slipped in there. But this is the 1st case we know of a Hellcat being release in an FD Mazda RX-7.

Hellcat Mazda RX-7 | Good Auto Blog
source: Mazda Rx-7


What’s worse for some is pick up this RX-7 didn’t gust this rotary engine. Rowdy Garage, which is doing this assemble, is apply the Mazda’s engine in a BMW M4 drag racer, mostly, these guys are like some certifiable scientist taking part of various animals and sewing them to each other, generate these weird hybrids. We criticize Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift since that expected outstanding this cross-pollination of American muscularity and Japanese tuners.

Of course, we’ve watched other strange mixes, like a first-gen Ford Mustang with a Ferrari engine. They normally offend some of the additional sensitive enthusiasts out there but captivate every person else with their weird factor.

RX-7 Mazda Rotary | Good Auto Blog

Even worse, the FD RX_7 was a cleansed car with low miles, and it had only one owner. This isn’t move to make the Mazda fans very happy at all since these gentlemen essentially slaughtered a hallowed cow. We wonder just how hard Mopar enthusiasts will take this news. However, visualize it won’t be as bad since it’s just the engine, not a rotating going into a Dodge Challenger Demon or something mad like that.

Shoehorning a Hellcat V8 into a car plan for a small rotary engine can’t be uncomplicated, but these gentleman by that time have it in there. The car isn’t prepared to blaze up or drive yet, but when it is we’re trinket just how massive of a burnout it’ll be expert to rip.

This interesting assemble will be given specified by Rowdy’s Garage, so someone will be expert to show the Hellcat-powered FD Mazda RX-7 off at display and see the puzzled ,even pained looks firsthand.

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