Ford Transit Rated and Reviewed 2021

Ford Transit was launched in 1965. Primarily, it was sold as a cargo van. But it was updated to a passenger van as well in 1995. This passenger van was named as Ford Tourneo, and it is being sold since 1995. This Ford Transit Series is also known as T-series, and these series fall in the class of light commercial vehicles. Ford Transit is more than 50 years old now, but still, its sale is up to the mark, compared to its other competitors in the market. It’s all because of the outstanding features that this T-series possesses.


Ford Transit Features

All-wheel-Drive (AWD) is available in this van that balances torque between the front and rear tires, helping the van to remain steady. One-touch on the control panel and the power sliding door of the van get opened. Such a cargo commercial van has an efficient yet powerful 2.0-liter Eco-blue diesel engine that comes in the ford ranger raptor. Ford amended the engine of this series to meet the standards of Euro-6d in 2019. The new hybrid engines have improved fuel economy by up to 8%. Ford Transit 2021 has front and rear sensors that assist in perfect parking by judging the distance between the car and obstacle that is placed on the way. If you are looking for used cars to buy then we are providing beat options in UK.

Ford Transit Exterior 

Ford Transit has 4″ and 8″ screen that makes the ride more enjoyable as it allows a bigger outside frame without distractions. The window deflector of Ford Transit is installed so nicely that they divert the air friction perfectly which consequently helps in gaining speed and less fuel consumption. Daytime running lights (DRL) are installed in the ford transit that is extremely effective to be seen at day. These lights are highly efficient and provide a signature look to the front of the van. Halogen bulbs are used in these lights that consume less energy and are have a long life. Ford Transit has a height of 100.7inches, a width of 81.3 inches, and a wheelbase of 147.6 inches.

Ford Transit Interior

On the front dashboard, it has a 4.0” multi-function display and dual USB ports. The multi-functional display can be connected with Bluetooth as the ford transit has Bluetooth features in it. Having a robust air-conditioning system and auxiliary heater prep package with our rare gives the perfect environment to the passengers according to the weather. The seats are manually reclining bucket seats with the adjustable headrest for the driver and front passenger seat. It has a total capacity of 15 passengers. A few USB ports are there on back seats. An adequate system of lighting is present to provide enough light.


Boot Capacity

Transit has a single side door, and it has an aperture of 1.3m that is the best in the market. Meanwhile, the rear door opens up to 180 degrees. These 180 degrees can be extended to 270 degrees if one orders the largest transit model. Transit has a vast potential for carrying and transporting heavy loads from one place to another as it can have loads from 2.9tonns to 4.7 tons. Ford transit can easily transport 15.1 cubic meters. This makes the ford transit smaller than the Mercedes Sprinter that can carry a payload of 17 cubic meters and further smaller than the Volkswagen crafter, carrying a load of 18.4 cubic meters.

Driving and Handling

Transit has power steering in its cargo and passenger van as well. The vehicle stays stable when driving, and it got struck by strong side winds as transit provides side-wind stabilization. Parking the van at a rush place is an uphill task but not for transit as it has active park assist that is available at extra cost. An advanced system helps the vehicle staying in the lane when it detects that van is getting out of the lane. Hill-start assist applies pressure on brakes for extra 2-3 seconds to give additional control when driving on a hill.  Check out used ford Kuga in best prices.


The pricing of ford transit varies from model to model and additional features that a customer wants in the van. Passenger van has different rates meanwhile, cargo van has other qualities.

The range of Ford transit passenger van that has a capacity of 15 passengers starts from 34289.56 Euros. This amount can be increased if the customer wants to add some more features. If you are looking for Transit then we providing best deals. The range of Ford Transit cargo van that has a capacity of two passengers and load space starts from29377.67 Euros. This amount can be increased if the customer wants to add some more features.

Running Costs

104bhp van returns 45.6mpg while 182bhp that is on top of the list manages to give 44.8mpg. Keeping fuel consumption at priority, one should go for 50.4mpg. Considering all the features, 128bhp is recommended.  Also check Ford KA

Safety Features

The driver alert system is a pre-installed system that continually monitors the behaviour of the driver while driving and detects the changes in behaviour that may happen due to fatigue. Doors get unlocked if the unfortunate event of a van crash occurs. Ford transit got a rear-view camera with the trailer hitch assist. A passive anti-theft system immobilises the engine in case if it detects some unethical activity. Driver and passenger seats have airbags. Ford transit also possesses 3-point seat belts on all the positions.  Ford Transit has a four-wheel disc brake that jams the tires at the spot when applied.  You can also review other best used cars like ford tourneo in affordable prices

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