Ford Ka+ is offering this car at a very cheap rate. Is it True?

Ford Ka+ City Car came bearing new advanced features. This unique, improved version offers the up-to-date three-cylinder petrol engine, enhanced infotainment touchscreen, and a stylish active exterior style. This car features a voguish and spacious cabin with excellent driving and handling experience. By the end of this article, you’ll believe that small cars like Ford Ka+ can have big ideas. The Ford Ka+ was launched in 2016 and is the new and improved Ka (which got discontinued in 2016). Later on, in 2018, Ford brought some promising changes to this series. There’s a lot of promising features that you’ll love about this car.  

Ford Ka+- Feature-

Ford Ka Features 

If you’re looking for the cheapest car with Ford’s logo in front of it, you’d consider buying this car. It’s quite similar to its sister Ford Fiesta in almost every aspect of it. They feature the same size, nearly the same feeling about the interior, but the Ka quite cheaper (about £4000). 

Ford Exterior 

The styling is not that great, but as Ford is offering this car at a very cheap rate, we are bound to live with that. The Ford Ka was very promising back in the 90s, and Ford should have stuck to the same designing. The new version feels a bit awkward from some angles. Ford found a solution to make ways to supermini monitoring with dull styling. 



The Ford Ka+ offers the same feeling as provided by its sister Fiesta, but it’s not quite the same experience when it comes to design and quality. This car features a plastic dashboard with a touch of shine, and the material around the gear is very horrible, But you have to expect this, considering it’s the cheapest Ford model. Despite these facts, some decent features like the big glove box and, surprisingly, four cup holders are quite rare to see in a car. 
It offers excellent comfort to the driver with its height-adjustable driving seat and the up and down adjustable steering wheel. The ka+ plus comes in two variations, the studio, and Z-tec. The Studio offers relatively good features covering all the basics, including air conditioning, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, aux inputs, alarm system, front fog lamps, and electric mirrors and windows. On the other hand, Z-tech offers some extra features like alloys, a leather steering wheel with a voice recognition system.  
It’s quite the same experience comparing with its competitors, the Renault Twingo and the Volkswagen Viva when it comes to its 5-Doors. This car can be an ideal car for a man who has a young family as it offers ease for you using the rear child seats with ISOFIX points.  

Boot Capacity 

When it comes to the boot capacity of this cheap yet modern car, things start to look bad. Ford forgot to put the handle on the exterior side that assists you in opening the boot. But once opened, the capacity seems very promising for a city car. It’s only 10-liters below the Ford Fiesta, and this car offers a fair amount of space for all your standard-size luggage. On opening the boot floor, you’ll find that this car has additional space for a spare wheel. You can increase the capacity by folding the 2nd-row seats, but they don’t offer a flat surface, so it gets a little messy. But you should overlook these drawbacks considering its low price. 

Ford Ka+- Boot Capacity -

Driving and Handling 

The cheap factor will have an impact on almost every aspect of this car. You will not find an exciting engine and the same 1.25-liter turbo petrol from the Fiesta. But still, it offers the same experience as the fiesta as it features a great steering wheel that provides a good grip on a vehicle. It offers accurate handling and driving that gives you reasonable control over your car. The isolation system really adds character to your driving experience, the soft suspension with rules that are easy to access and use. Considering these facts, it’s the ideal city car and puts all other city cars to shame comparing the comfort that it gives. 

Ford Ka+- Driving and handling-


The Pricing for this series offering two variations starts at £9,810 and goes up along with the variations and specs to £14,185

Running Cost 

It’s where things start to go darker; there’s not much power on this car as it offers two flavors of variations. The ford ka+ returns unimpressive MPG rates. Even with the lowest trim levels, the economy dropped down to 43.5 MPG. 

Ford Safety Features 

As we have discussed, the low price really takes all the character, fun, and safety features out of this car. This car is missing the automated emergency braking system. But some features are worth talking about; it features the seats with ISOFIX, six airbags, the hill-start assistance, and electronic stability control. 

Ford Ka+- Safety-

Thoughts of GoodAutoDeals 

If you are looking to buy a city car that is cute and cuddly. Then this car is not the right choice for you. It offers styling that is deviated from the original. However, if you happen to have a low budget and you can’t really buy the fiesta, you should opt for this car that offers practicality and is quite appealing.  

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