Ford Focus 2020 vehicle is one of the top-selling cars in UK

The Ford Focus Active is the boosted variant of the standard version of Focus launched in June 2019. Ford made this variant more comfortable and economical and it costs more than its previous Focus cars with a very little changed interior and is inspired by SUV design. Focus Active is not a sporty ride but it has more ground clearance which makes it better for areas like forests, hills, and beach roads.  

Ford Focus-Features-

Ford Focus Active Features 

The layout of the Focus Active is almost the same as other variants of focus, easy controls, and decent cargo space. They raised the height of Ford Focus Active around 3cm than regular variants of Active. It comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol unit with a horsepower of 148bhp. If you want a decent five-seat car, you should go for Focus Active. This model gives subtle worthwhile benefits over its previous variants. If you like the layout of standard Focus cars, you’ll definitely like this one.  


It comes with standard safety equipment and a bit more ground clearance, making it more versatile. Ford Focus Active differs from standard Focus cars as it has roof rails, scuff plates, black wheel-arches, skid plates, chromed exhaust outlets, and some more external features. It is about an inch taller than previous Focus cars. It is also equipped with sports suspension and independent rear suspension providing you with a more absorbent ride. Focus Active gives a polished look on the road. The exterior is not much different than the other variants, you can spot the differences in look when Focus Active is parked with standard variants. It is not as flashy as its competitors like Volkswagen Golf and Mercedes A-class.  

Ford Interior 

The interior of Focus Active is a bit similar to ST-Line Focus but with more supportive covered seats, a tablet-style navigation screen, and a leather-trimmed steering wheel. Focus Active has more practicality with a comfortable interior that can accommodate five people and their luggage. The driving position is relatively low that might be a small problem for some. Its interior has a great quality, feels like everything is well made, but there is a lot more black and grey covering. Along with an easy-to-use media system, the heating system can be controlled physically. The interior of Focus Active feels refreshing. The central seat in the rear also comes with great padding. You may not find the interior more interesting when you compare it with its competitors with more specifications like Kia Xceed.  

Ford Focus-Interior-

Boot capacity 

The boot capacity of Focus Active is the same as compared to older variants of Focus. If you regularly load heavier luggage, you may want to opt for Ford Focus Active’s different diesel engines. There is a boot space of 341 liters which can expand into 1,320 liters when seats are folded.  

Driving and Handling 

The Ford Focus is one of the top-selling cars, more important for Ford motors to make the vehicle dependable and safe. Its drive is better than most other Focus cars because of the revised suspension that gives greater comfort, retaining the sharp driving experience Focus models are famous for. We can say that the Ford Focus Active is a better-resolved and improved model. It provides Slippery and Trail mode for adjusting throttle and traction control. It comes with taller tires and more ground clearance than regular Focus cars. Ford Focus Active provides different selectable driving modes that let you personalize the experience by changing the throttle response. 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel engine gives the horsepower of 118bhp. It goes from 0-62 miles per hour in just 10.8 seconds with manual transmission and 10.7 seconds with automatic transmission. Focus Active handles the bumps better than other variants of Focus.  

Ford Focus-Driving and handling-


The Focus series is not a cheap vehicle to afford like before. The price of the Ford Focus Active starts at £21,882. When it comes to the aspect of pricing in this modern automotive world, few other cars offer the same high-end quality driving experience with a comparatively low price. For instance, you could look at Skoda Scala, Seat Leon, and the Skoda Octavia, the perfect three rivals for the Focus series if you take pricing as the major factor. The Focus Active will cost you somewhat of the same price as Volkswagen Golf. But for a PCP finance deal, the waker resale values could cost you even more. The prices could go up to the level of the Kia Ceed. 

Ford Focus: Safety Features: 

This versatile model of the Ford Focus series is a crossover that gives viability and flexibility. This coherent design comes with sophisticated functionality, smart technologies, and different selectable drive modes. These technologies will help you personalize the experience by its different and amazing behavior. It’s a five-door estate car with Foundry Black paint alloy wheels. There is an LED fog lamp in front with cornering functions. It is also equip with privacy glass, selective drive modes along with slippery & Trail mode, keyless start function with the power start button.  

Running Costs 

Ford Focus-Running Cost-

The lightweight merged with the smart engine tech, low drag, and the turbo 1.0-Liter can get you up to 107 g/km. It’s an Ecoboost three-cylinder engine that features enhanced and smart cylinder deactivation, which allows the vehicle to shut one cylinder when driving gently on a cruise. It could give you great results on official WLTP tests. This SUV is consider very frugal. 

Thoughts of GoodAutoDeals 

The Focus Active is a solid and good value vehicle that’s a little different from other small hatchbacks. It impressed the team with sensible, practical, and very liveable characters even if it’s not available in wagon form. Right from the start, we have high hopes for The Focus Active. Driving enthusiasts could go for the Focus ST Hot Hatch but for ordinary drivers like us, the Active could well be the Best Focus ever.

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