Ford Fiesta 2020 has change itself towards better features

Ford Motors launched the first Fiesta in 1976. For the last four decades, Ford Fiesta has been through over six generations. It is now the bestseller and one of the most favorite cars in the market. Ford Mk1 was the first of the Fiesta series. Fiesta is a supermini car, yet it is fierce and one of the most top-selling cars globally. Fiesta has established its reputation as the car with the most fun-driving experience and there are many engines to select from. It is also available as a mild hybrid and is becoming one of the most efficient cars. 

Ford Fiesta Features  

New Fiesta models are equip with self-charging tech, charging the hybrid battery as you drive. Its competitors are following it closely but it is still the leader of the sector. It is one of the most versatile cars Ford has launched. Fiesta is an alternative to some other small cars and it comes in three-door and five-door hatchback variants 

Ford Fiesta- Features-


The Ford over the years has got a bit longer. Now it comes with big bumpers. The wheelbase is now 4mm longer. The overall body look is not so different in the new models. They’re adding more curves to the side, which gives it a subtle modern look. New models have a wider look because of the suspensions. The design has been simplified and softened over the years. The newer models have a blacked-out roof, honeycomb grille, and rear spoiler.  

Ford Interior  

The interior of the Ford feels and looks good. The driving position is well adjust and the seats are highly supportive. Higher models of the Ford Fiesta are equip with Ford’s SYNC infotainment system. There are plenty of storage spaces and the seats are comfortable, making the Fiesta a superb choice for long travels. Some of the trims of Fiesta come with lumbar support. The air conditioning controls are clear and logically marked which can be replaced by the auto climate control system.

Ford Fiesta- Interior-

Fiesta comes with a heated windscreen that can automatically de-ice in winter weather. This is equipped with an 8-inch infotainment system that is quite simple to use, but you have to pay for a built-in navigation system on entry-level trims. Vignale models come with more luxury features, such as leather interior, panoramic opening sunroof, and thick floor mats, making the interior feel brighter. The ST-line variant is the Fiesta’s most suitable trim that gives sporty feels inside. All Ford Fiestas are equipped with a six-speaker stereo and if you like energetic music, Titanium X and Vignale models are fitted with the stereo for that purpose.  

Boot capacity 

Ford is more practical than before its boot space. Newer models show improvement in interior room and practicality, making it one of the most family-friendly cars. Boot capacity is 311 liters which can be expanded into 1,093 liters after folding the rear seats.  

Driving and Handling  

Ford is fun to drive on almost every road, whether it’s a country road or a motorway. Its vertical design and close damping are quite impressive for the uneven road. Since the late ’90s, Ford has transformed into one of the best cars for precise handling and fun driving. Light steering wheels make Fiesta much easier to drive. Fiesta is awesome for city driving and the engine is quieter with just a little windy sound at 70mph. The steering wheel feels a bit lighter in the ST-line models. Ford Fiesta’s cornering is so much better than standard variants and other supermini like Volkswagen up.

Ford improved the braking system of Fiesta in the newer models. All variants with 99bhp or greater are equipped with rear disc brakes. Gearbox with EcoBoost engines gives a much smoother shift. Its weight is perfectly balanced to make you feel the resistance when taking a turn on the corner. Fiesta’s ride is also suitable for rutted roads. Fiesta can reach 60 miles per hour in 9.1 seconds.  

Ford Fiesta- Driving And Handling-

Ford: Safety Features 

Fiesta comes with many great features such as a blind spot information system, lane-keeping system, rearview camera, traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, parking assist, different selectable drive modes, electric power-assisted steering wheel, auto high beam, drive alert and intelligent speed to assist. The driver assist includes an auto-braking function. These features are not so unique but are quite awesome for a small car like Fiesta. 

Pricing and Running Costs 

The price range of the Ford Fiesta starts from £15,770 to £24,130. It is a bit costly than its rivals like Skoda Fabia. The latest models of the Ford Fiesta are one of the most economical cars you’ll find. The best fuel economy range is given by a 1.5-liter diesel engine with a horsepower of 84bhp. It will give the mileage of 65.7mpg, with a CO2 emission of 112g/km. The 1.1-liter engine with a three-cylinder is cheap but not so eco-friendly. It gives 74bhp, with 53.3mpg and CO2 emission of 121g/km. If you have the budget, you should go for a 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine with 94bhp and 55.4mpg. It has a comparatively lower CO2 emission rate of 116g/km. The road tax for Fiesta models is £150 for non-hybrids and £140 for mild-hybrids versions.  

Ford Fiesta- Running Cost-

Thoughts of GoodAutoDeals 

Ford Fiesta is smart, great-looking, refined, and easy to use. Dynamically, it is one of the best supermini. Fiesta offers great value in terms of the budget. If you want to go for luxury features, you might want to buy Fiesta Vignale. Fiesta Active is more suited to SUV elements. The newer models of Fiesta have good connectivity and better infotainment systems. It’s just as affordable as it once was. You can go for high specs like Titanium and Zetec if you can afford them.  

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