Everything you need to know about Ford EcoSport. Is it worth buying?

Ford Ecosport is yet another crossover SUV launched by the Ford Motors Company back in 2003. This year’s 2020 model happens to be the smallest Crossover SUV of Ford’s growing lineup. As of now, this car sits below the Escape version in the lineup. According to some verified sources, this car was a huge disaster for the Ford Series. When compared with the best subcompact crossovers like the Hyundai Kona or Kia Soul. These car is neither sporty nor fuel-efficient. So, try not to be misled by the name. But, if you’re looking for a tall seating position along with the all-wheel-drive mode at a competitive price, this car goes into your list.

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Ford EcoSport: Features

The Ecosport features one of the best combinations of driving and handling merged with its aesthetic and stunning out and inner looks. But there are some major errors and slips that you need to be concerned about. Just like last year, this car is slow and it comes with cramped back seats. Although it comes with the many high-quality features that most of its competitors offer at big checks, it’s boring and ho-hum driving experience with the low-rent interior neutralizes the price charge.


At the front, this vehicle features a black grille along with the chrome horizontal bars. There’s a Halogen Quad Beam Reflector Headlights, these high-quality features vary with the different variations of the Ecosport lineup. Just below the headlights, it features the Fog lights. On the sides, there are no roof rails for the S model, but you’ll have the black roof rails for the SE and SES models and Silver roof rails if you’re going for the Titanium model. The rear privacy glass, power-adjustable black side mirrors with the integrated turn signals. 16-17 -inch Aluminum alloys rims on the wheel-setup. This car features a shark fin extended antenna at the back on the top. Rear spoilers with the integrated brake lights. Single exhaust outlet pointed towards the ground. These features allow the car to have a stunning outlook. 


This cheaper model features a functional interior instead of fashionable, which seems reasonable. At the front, there’s quite a lot of space for both the passenger and driver, but it doesn’t have that much space in the back. When compared with the high-quality and exquisite cabin style of Hyundai Kona and Kia Soul, the interior seems to be disappointing. The leather quality is pretty low, considering it felt rubbery holding the steering. Consumers felt the hardness and hollowness on the plastic surface. Despite the small theme it offers, the Ecosport offers a very competitive space and storage. With the few well-designed tricks, we can say that this car proved to be a useful travel companion at a competitive rate.

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The Honda HRV and Rogue Sport features higher capacity compared to this model of the Ford lineup. The cabin has a climate-controlled environment due to the presence of a sealable vent placed in the glovebox that connects directly with the air-conditioning system of the vehicle. Also, the car offers an astonishing quality Infotainment 8.0-inch touchscreen that features a user-friendly interface (Sync 3). It’s packed with both software, Apple, and Android-based on your choice with a dedicated Bluetooth functionality.

Trunk Capacity

This car has the coolest opening rear gate in the world of SUVs and Crossovers. There’s a hidden button to open that rear liftgate within the passenger side rear tail light. Once opened, the trunk capacity for this car is 346 liters which is comparatively low when it comes to its competitors like Maruti Suzuki Ertiga (400 Liters). But, it’s pretty higher than the Volkswagen Polo featuring 280 Liters worth of space.

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Driving and Handling

Although the new 2020 Ecosport features a normal 123-horsepower turbocharged three-cylinder engine or you can go for the optional 166-horsepower four-cylinder, the car is not quick. It features a decent 6-speed automatic gear system and, amazingly, it can tow up to 2000 pounds(Four-Cylinder Engine) which is a very high number when compared with the competitors. Even though most of the consumers consider its system to be flawed, the Ecosport still has redeeming qualities that offer a fun-packed driving experience. Considering this is a pure family car, it offers a better driving experience at a slower speed.

This small SUV offers a sturdy grip on busy streets, but it comes with a very noisy drive and hazy steering that lessens the quality experience by a margin. The shock absorbers on it aren’t of good quality considering the heavy demeanor. They can’t protect the cabin from the bumpy and rough road and it leads to the very unruly body motions. And this could get even worse at high speed.

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The pricing starts £18,000 and it varies with each variation when it comes to ST-Line and other variations.

Running Cost

As mentioned above, don’t get misled by the name. The “Eco” in Ecosport certainly doesn’t mean that this car is fuel-efficient. When compared with the competitors like Hyundai Kona or the Nissan Rogue Sport, this car is far behind in the real-world highway fuel economy and in their EPA ratings. Although, the four-cylinder amazingly gave better performance at 30 MPG than the three-cylinder which scored 28 MPG. 

Ford Ecosport 2020: Safety Features

The 2020 Ford Ecosoprt comes with the latest and exquisite safety features. Starting the list off with the very unique airbags for the Ecosport that you wouldn’t see on any other Ford SUV model. This car features a Dual Stage Runner Bag at the front for the driver and the passenger, with the attached sensors that detect the distance between you and the airbag and deploys the correct-sized airbags accordingly. Along with the side-impact airbags for both front and back that you don’t see in other cars. It features an advanced track with roll stability for you when going fast along the curve and it will keep you on the intended path. There’s an SOS post crashing system that dials 911 in case of emergency. There are child-safety locks at the rear doors.

What’s new in 2020?

There are minor changes for the EcoSport 2020. The additional 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen in place of last year’s 6.5 inches. This year’s model features the FordPass Connect, along with the quality Wifi and hotspot connectivity that allows the owners to lock and unlock the car by the application installed in the phone. This app comes with the one-year free trial but you’ll have to subscribe to the service for later on.

Thoughts of GoodAutoDeals

The new Ford Ecosport 2020 gives a nice feeling due to its automatic 6-Speed transmission that comes in handy and feels very convenient. This year there’s an advanced suspension setup that offers a very good balance to the car making it a very good Urban SUV. But there are a number of consumers to whom this car seems very less convincing despite its latest updates in the Ford Lineup. These are the facts, now it’s time for you to choose whether you’d like to build this car or not through our competitive deals.

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