Everything you need to know about the Ford B-Max. Is it worth buying?

Ford motors launched the B-Max model in 2012. Ford B-Max is a small vehicle inspired by MPV, well suited as a family car with a good driving position. It is the first Ford car to have a 1.0-liter EcoBoost petrol engine. If you want to go for automatic transmission, there’s a different engine for that.

Ford B-Max: Features

One of the most appealing features of B-Max is its well-finished interior, more room, and the sliding doors. The driver’s seat is more comfortable because of the headroom and other adjustments you can do. The 125hp model is good enough for the motorway journey. But you should go for a 1.5-liter diesel engine for regular long trips. This great-looking vehicle with the classical surfacing is one of the most comfortable car Ford has launched.


Ford changed the design of B-Max thoroughly, replaced the door pillars, fused them into the sliding doors. These sliding doors make a wide opening that doesn’t affect the integrity of the car’s body. The overall composition of the B-Max is quite similar to Fiesta. But It is not quite astonishing as Fiesta. It is indeed better than its competitors like Kia Venga and Vauxhall Meriva. Ford re-engineered the steel body to deliver crash safety and rigidity in case of accidents. And Ford B-Max is a bit taller and it gives you a clear view of the road. The door openings are made by high-strength Boron steels and the door frames work together and absorb the crash effect.


The firmly-built interior of B-Max is practical and very roomy, with many seat folding operations. The B-Max has an awesome driving position, giving you the most comfortable drive. The seats are very supportive and comfortable, the driver’s seat is adjustable and the steering can be adjusted for height and reach. The Ford B-Max has a very cluttered dashboard with a display on the top. Navigation is available for titanium and Zetec versions. It also features Ford’s SYNC voice system. The voice control is quite helpful for the driver. The driver doesn’t have to dial buttons or use the display for certain controls. But the display might look outdated now in 2020. You can add front and rear parking sensors for some extra bucks.

The B-Max has an infotainment system of 5-inches that doesn’t give a modern look, but it is still better than the display screens of the Hyundai i×20 and Kia Venga. You might feel difficult to see things on the display because it’s deep in the dashboard. Unloading the stuff is pretty easy in B-Max because there is no B-pillar in your way. Space inside the B-Max is average.

Trunk Capacity

The boot capacity of Ford B-Max is not that great. Its 318 liters, can be expanded into 1,386 liters after folding the back seats. Folding the back seats is simple in B-Max. It has a flat boot floor that can be adjusted in height. You can also remove the floor for some extra room. The tire repair kit is available in B-Max. The boot shape may be decent and the capacity might be useful but it’s not big as its rivals like Kia Venga which has the boot capacity of 440 liters.

Driving and Handling

Ford made this ride quite comfortable and the handling is very impressive for an MPV type vehicle. It provides you the firm drive with the 1.0-liter EcoBoost. This will cost less if the mileages are low. The roll rate is controlled. The steering wheel has great accuracy and there are six engines available for the B-Max. The car provides a strong grip and outstanding body control. The B-Max is enhanced by the torque vectoring function, powering up the front wheels with an excellent grip which provides smooth and improved handling. B-Max absorbs the shocks and bumps and reduces the windy noise. B-Max is firmer over bumps on the road than its competitors. The drive of B-Max on the motorway is quite stable and smooth as well. You can buy an emergency braking feature for some extra amount.

Pricing and Running Costs

The price of the B-Max is affordable. The price starts from £13,195 which is a good and reasonable price for an MPV type car. The other benefit of this vehicle is the fuel economy. The diesel gives the mileage of 70mpg and 1.0 EcoBoost petrol engine can give the mileage of 58mpg. It gives the CO2 emission of 114g/km. A 1.4-liter petrol engine is relatively more eco-friendly, giving 47.1mpg and CO2 emission of 139g/km.

Ford B-Max: Safety Features

The Zetec version of B-Max will give you more kit and accessories like Ford’s MyKey system which is used to control the volume and the car’s speed. It is equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels, daytime running LED lights, and fog lights. The B-Max titanium version 16-inch alloy wheels, heated seats, automatic headlights, and an auto-start button instead of key start. The titanium version also has climate and cruise control.

Ford B-Max: what’s new in 2020?

As of 2020, Ford Officially took retirement from the B-Max Production.

Thoughts of GoodCarDeals

The Ford B-Max is a family MPV. Having no B-pillars inside, it makes it easy to load it with big stuff when both doors are opened. It comes with different trim levels: Titanium, Zetec, and studio. The studio trim is like the basic model with a 1.4-litre engine. Ford B-Max has the intelligent protection system, torque vectoring control, improving the agility, and the handling. There are four different engines available for B-Max. 1.0-litre EcoBoost, available in 2 outputs is the best choice. Ford B-Max is rated as one of the safest cars.

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