Everything you need to know about the BMW 1 Series 2021.

BMW 1 Series 2021 model comes with many amazing and futuristic tech features that offer you a great driving experience. The brand in the year 2021 changed an extensive amount of features of the car. The fact that this car is now front-wheel drive rather than the rear-wheel-drive has really dictated the way it looks. For instance, the change in engine design which now sideways instead of lengthways. It really changed that long bonnet and presented the fans with yet another less-unique design with the short bonnet. Let’s dive into this car and see what it really has to offer this year.

BMW 1 Series 2021: Everything you need to know.(Design, Prices, feature)
Source: Caricous

BMW 1 Series 2021: Features

Everything about this car seems just fine and regular like every other car in the hatchback family. It features a front-wheel-drive that offers a great driving experience. Although if you are fond of all-wheel-drive, the brand has got you covered with that with its pricier trim levels. But unlike before. the brand has lost its USP for the 1 series against the competitors like Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class. This is bad news for BMW lovers.


As previously discussed, the brand changed the unique design of the long front-bonnet and replace it with a short and less unique design. The bonnet is followed by the huge BMW grille at the front which is bigger than it really needs to be. So, overall, if you look at the front of this car, you don’t get any features that make you exciting as it features the same old classical BMW vibes. The sports model of this car has a bit of extra black bits at the bottom of the front.  Due to the major change in the engine, it also dictates the side profile of this new one series. And for most of the consumers, the brand failed to give anything unique, unlike its other cars. The side looks quite generic and you’d think that it’s the same thing as other usual brands offering hatchbacks.

BMW did not pay any attention to the uniqueness of this one series. And as you move to the range you get to have bigger alloy wheels. The size varies with different trim levels. It starts off with 16 on the SC and 17 on the sports and the M sports and 135 I get 18 inches which look relatively better.

Coming on the rear side and unlike the front design, consumers seem to really like it. It’s quite smart and gives you the vibes of three series touring. The numbers feature a sporty look and a very good position of exhaust pipes. And they are not fake unlike those blooming ones on Audis and Mercedes.

BMW 1 Series 2021: Everything you need to know.(Design, Prices, feature)
Source: Caricous


When it comes to the interior of this somewhat exquisite car. The brand did not disappoint fans and presented them with a lot nicer and exquisite looks than the old versions. But still, it’s not quite cool as its competitor Mercedes A-Class. The material quality and build quality does feel more robust and solid. The touch of squidgy material and no wobble from the center consoles. Everything about the interior seems sturdy and comfortable. 

The brand nailed with the positioning of the important keys and stuff. Even if you are not familiar with it, you’ll have no problem adjusting your hand on it as it’s quite easy to understand and apprehend. You’ll be able to operate it, the driving modes, the safety features, it’s dead simple. 

Coming to the fact that this car offers a lot of comfort for you and your family by providing you with an extensive set of adjustments and extendible seat bases.

You will feel the real benefit when you move yourself to the back seats. As it is a front-wheel-drive, it just takes up less space than the rear while drive giving you more space for the interior making it a comfy cabin. The knee and Headroom are pretty decent for you to stretch easily. But you’ll be more comfortable in the boxy Volkswagen golf. Overall, it feels very genuine and premium from the inside. 

BMW 1 Series 2021: Everything you need to know.(Design, Prices, feature)
Source: Caricous

Boot Capacity 

Considering this is a family car, the boot space offers the same practicality as Audi A3, Volkswagen Golf and it’s ten liters more than the Mercedes A-Class. And you can fit bulky items and go camping with your family without any problem. There are also some other extra features that will assist you in keeping your luggage. 

BMW 1 Series 2021: Everything you need to know.(Design, Prices, feature)
Source: Caricous

Driving and Handling: BMW 1 Series 2021

Let us take a look at what and how this little exquisite fellow does on the road. The steering is pretty light and it’s quite easy to maneuver this car because you have all-around visibility. It’s fairly tight on the turning circles but it’s nothing to worry about as it is better than Audi A3. The suspension over plotholes feels quite amazing. It copes brilliantly on a bumpy road. The Auto Transmission is quite amazing whether you are just maneuvering the vehicle at light speed or you are on the motorway.

At high speed, you do get a bit of tire noise but that’s something most of the consumers will ignore. you ought to switch it on the sports mode whenever you are driving on a twisty road. And it feels a little more playful and more fun than the regular rear-wheel-drive. The consumers think it to be better than the previous versions in the aspects of driving and handling.  And here’s bad news for youngsters, no more drifting considering the front-wheel-drive. 

Pricing of BMW 1 Series 2021

The new BMW one series starts at £24500 that’ll get you the 118i in SE trim. and £27000 for the 118d the sporty version. 

Running Costs

The economy is quite good for this car. It’s almost 47 miles per gallon, and that’s fine. Everything about the engine becomes special when it says twin power turbo. On petrol, you will get a 118i which has a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo with 140 horsepower, or a 2-liter turbo with 306 horsepower in the range-topping m135i. The diesel versions include 116d with a 1.5lliter three-cylinder with 116 horsepower and so on. It goes 0-60 in 8,3 seconds.

What’s new in 2021?

There are a lot of special features for the year 2021 when it comes to this BMW 1 Series. It’s equipped with very futuristic features. They changed the lengthways engine and replaced it with the sideways engine and that has a major impact on the design. 

Thoughts of GoodAutoBlog

Considering the competitive automotive world out there, there are plenty of other good options for you to experience the best driving. So, instead of going ahead and buying this car, you should shortlist it first and explore more for better options according to your budget. BMW lost it’s USP considering they moved from the rear-wheel-drive to the front-wheel-drive like all other cars. 

Do you agree with us or not, let us know in the comment section down below.

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