Everything you need to know about the DS 3 Crossback. Is it worth buying?

The DS 3 Crossback is a french model. The brand DS is one of the growing brands that has been making its value from the ground up since its split from the Citroen. Considering the start-up, the DS is doing a terrific job against its competitors in the automotive world. Nowadays the small SUVs are flying out of the showrooms.

The DS follows the same trend of the fashion and styling of the car but adds a bit of unique and futuristic touch to it. Thus it provides the car lovers with the categories that are most fashion-forward featuring the small chubby compact SUVs. And by small, we mean small. It’s relatively mini-er when compared with Mini Countryman, and it’s more petite comparing the Audi Q2. If you choose the high-end variations of the Volkswagen T-Cross, you’ll witness the size matches the DS 3 cross back. This year, the DS came to us offering the features that are very futuristic and highly technological in the DS 3 cross back. Let’s take a look 

DS 3 Crossback Features

Most people consider the DS cars to be more gimmick, and they are not fond of the high-end tech features that the DS 3 Crossback offers. But the same features got the attention of most of the people. After the launch of the DS 7, the most impressive and better than any car that the brand had tried before. We can say that the DS is moving in the right direction with its launch with DS 3 cross back. This car has a lot of safety features and a lot of entertaining systems. It offers a great driving and handling experience. We can consider it to be one of the most suitable family cars out there.


When you consider buying the small SUVs with the unique, high-end, and sleek style, the DS is the right choice for you. Because the brand has made the exterior quite appealing and very stylish. If you’ve been following the previous version of the DS 3 Crossback, you’ll see that it features a striking shock “Shark-fin” side pillar which is unique and eye-catching. The LED matrix headlights that look astonishing and cool. They are made up of a lot of individual lights that can turn on and off according to the surroundings. This feature makes sure the safety of the other road companions even if you are going on a high-beam.

The roof of this exquisite car is available in three colours. And the brand offers ten wheel styles and ten stylish body paint colours that you can choose. There are some other high-end features that you’ll find on the exterior of this car. It features quite gimmick yet very cool and futuristic flush-mounted door handles that pop out whenever you get near the vehicle.

Interior: DS 3 Crossback

The striking exterior of this car is matched with the balanced and equally exceptional and unique interior. The French claims that the high-tech features that this car offers can only be made in France. When it comes to the interior of this french model, it’s all about the gimmick features, motifs, tech material, and jewellery. The cabin of this car features a diamond pattern all around, whether it’s a gearbox, the screen, the layouts, the vents, it’s all there. 

You’ll witness the odd-looking arrangements of the buttons that are not physical; instead, they are sensitive touch buttons, which is too much for some people as they prefer physical buttons with the classic touch.  The unique style of AC vents looks refreshing.

Some people would prefer a bit of simple style and taste over this. Still, we can anticipate that the quality of the interior will be satisfactory to everyone. As it features a good mix of impressive materials all around the interior. The premium features that the brand offers have made their way to this car from the giant DS 7 cross back that includes the Nappa leather and the Alcantara interior trim options for the seats. 

On the dashboard of this exquisite car, you’ll have some nice and soft to touch plastic. The steering has a nice and unique feeling to it but on the door, things start to get inconsistent. It offers excellent and soft texture around the top, but at the bottom, it features a stiff and scratchy plastic. So, it’s not entirely consistent, impressive, and not very well put together when compared against its competitors like the Audi Q2 and Mini Countryman. Still, it is much better and more refined than the Volkswagen T-Roc.

Spacious Cabin

When it comes to the space of this car, the DS did not disappoint its fans. For a small SUV, the DS 3 offers a beautiful and huge cabin. At the front, it features a significant amount of space, and you’ll have no problem adjusting in it. There’s a lot of room for your head and legs, a lot of adjustment on the steering wheel and the seat. But when it comes to the storage of this car, it’s a bit of mixed touch. At the centre, you’ll get two cup holders, ample space for your phone with wireless charging as well. Some USB ports for your smartphones.

When it comes to the side doors, the door pockets are a bit thin, and most consumers considered it to be awkward to access. The centre console is quite disappointing as it is very shallow and small, but the glove compartment is enormous. Considering it is a family car, the space around the back is promising with plenty of legroom and headroom. But, as previously discussed, the Shark-fin pillar leaves a weird impact on the window line on the inside, and your kids aren’t going to like that. 

Boot Capacity

The boot capacity of this car is not that great, and the French did a poor job against its competitors include the T-Cross, Captur, Mini Countryman (450 Liters). The DS 3 cross back doesn’t offer good practicality as it features only 350 Liter worth of space with all the seats in place and it provides 1050 Liter space if you fold the rear seats.

Driving and Handling

The DS offered us 3 Cross back with one petrol engine that’s available in three different states of tunes. The trim levels include the PureTech 100, a pure tech 130, pure tech 155, diesel Blue HDI 100 and the complete electric version. The most popular engine among these is the 130 Pure tech with 128 horsepower which is only available with an automatic gearbox. And for most of the consumers, it was a great experience assembling peppy acceleration with relatively smooth and gentle engine thrum. But still, it’s not that promising against the competitive Audi Q2. If you’re looking for even more flexibility and satisfying driving experience, you should opt for the 155 pure tech engine. 

The handling is not perfect, and the DS failed against its competitors in many aspects, including the agility. The steering is very light, which makes it significantly less accurate. And it’ll make it quite hard for you on the sharp turns. Considering these facts, the car doesn’t offer a balanced grip. The bump absorption is relatively low and substandard. Overall the handling is not promising. 


The pricing of this car varies with each variation and specs that the brand offers. It starts at £22,515  and goes up to  £33,455. Considering these prices and the high-tech features that it provides, it’s quite reasonable.  

Running Cost

Overall the DS 3 Crossback offers good numbers by giving us better fuel consumption with cheap tax rates; the pure tech 100 provides a great range of 46.0 MPG. Moving up the trim levels, the 130 gives you a milage from 42.2 – 47.1mpg. The most powerful engine (pure tech 155) offers 41.7 – 45.7mpg.

Safety Features: DS 3 Crossback

According to the crash test with the single individual inside by the Euro NCAP, the DS 3 Crossback received a four-star. The standard variation of the car features an autonomous braking system, the lane-keeping assistance. If you choose the advanced Ultra Prestige model of the vehicle, you’ll feel safer with the blind-spot detection.

What’s New in 2020?What’s New in 2020?

The Standalone brand DS has worked hard in providing us with a good range of models in 2020. The 2020 DS 3 Crossback offered us an authentic French styling touch featuring the outsize style. The variety of Powertrains with five conventional engines and one complete Electric version with promising features show that the brand is going on a successful path.

Thoughts of GoodAutoBlog

There are pros and cons to every single car, The imperfections are there in most of the aspects, and the people’s point of view is one of the significant factors as well. The DS is quite exclusive. When we are talking about the styling and the tech features, the exclusiveness of this car will be enough for some buyers to attract them in buying this car. But, if you are one of those car geeks who give all the aspects of the vehicle a significant priority, then you’ll see that it’s not as practical. It’s not very appealing and promising to drive either, and the pricing of this car is quite expensive.

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