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Dacia, a name of reliability, has won immense popularity around the region for manufacturing reliable cars at low costs. Dacia Sendero keeps the direction straight while planning for the future and keeps on surprising with every other model it launches at an exceptionally low price. Owning to quality, reliability, and customer sovereignty Dacia has entirely managed to find a good place in SUVs, hatchbacks, and mini cars around. It enjoys improving and re-launching the old variants to hit the market differently, so with Dacia’s Sandero Stepway. 

Dacia Sandero Features  

Sandero Stepway is actually an SUV-inspired hatchback with more of the qualities of an SUV rather than a city car.  Dacia launched the first Stepway variant of Sandero back in 2009. The subsequent models are proof that Dacia has tirelessly worked on the Stepway model. To keep it up to date and provide the community with a city SUV at the minimum possible price. Dacia Sandero Stepway is in fact a superior variant of the well-known supermini hatchback Dacia Sandero. Dacia Sandero Stepway possesses all the style of a Sports Utility vehicle. Simultaneously, possesses all the practicality of a family hatchback car too. You enjoy 2 different worlds with the same car. 


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The all-new mini SUV Sandero Stepway is perfectly designed to give an elegant look to the car. Dacia Sandero Stepway, unlike to other cars in this price bracket. It has included a fog light ramp in the front, which is actually a good inclusion so far. Moreover, you get a roof rail, although the roof rail is not chrome. In fact, it matches the blackish patches of fiber attached to the doors to enhance the external beauty. It also protects the body. If we talk about dimensions, Dacia Sandero Stepway is 4099mm in length, 2007mm in width. Also maintains a height of 1587mm. The wide dimensions of the car provide you with a city SUV in the price of a city car. 

Furthermore, this city crossover is equip with front and rear skid plates. Also equipped with rear wiper, body-colored side mirrors, door handles and tinted glass. They works as an add-on to the beautification. Dacia actually worked harder in the previous years to raise the suspension of Sandero Stepway by 40mm. Simultaneously improved the ground clearance which is now at 17mm. This clearly reveals Dacia’s intention of claiming Sandero Stepway as an SUV rather than a mini car. The makers have succeeded in their claim. 


Dacia Sandero - GoodAutoDeals - GoodAutoBlog

Dacia Sandero Stepway comes with almost every basic instrument such as gauge speedometer, trip counter, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge. The car exhibits a basic car interior with some improvements done to the dashboard which includes a satin dotted chrome fixed around the passenger compartment and a ‘3D weave’ furnishing, giving a glamorous look to the car, along with a reshaped four-spoke steering wheel mainly found in the top-line models. Moreover, a facelift to Sandero Stepway came with many sophisticated improvements; including a touchscreen multimedia feature built in a navigation system, Apple Carplay and Android Auto smartphone mirroring, and these features are quite easy to operate. Today’s Sandero Stepway is equipped with an on-board computer too; other features include rear parking sensors, cruise control technology, electric heated mirrors, and rear electric windows. Moreover, you will find a foldable armrest in the car too, which makes your rides even more comfortable. 

Trunk Space 

Dacia Sandero Stepway, a city SUV, has been specially designed with high consideration for practical usage. The car leaves the competitors behind when it comes to boot and in fact cabin space too. You ideally get around 328-litres trunk space and this space can be increased by 1200-litres spare capacity by just folding down the rear seats, making a roomy compartment for your luggage. 

Driving and Handling 

Dacia launched the Stepway variant of Sandero with a raised ride height, better suspension, and more ground clearance which makes the Stepway model marginally more comfortable. However, Sandero Stepway will never give you pulse acceleration on the road, but that isn’t the end. The car actually surprises you with the pronounced amount of body torque helping the car at tight city corners. The soft suspension is a key point, which gives you a comfortable ride even through consistent road bumps.

Dacia Sandero Stepway has included a bi-fuel feature, providing the driver with an option to switch between petrol and liquid petroleum gas, the noticeable thing here is that there’s no major difference recorded by drivers in the performance of the car after switching from one fuel to another. However, the car delivers a reasonable and smooth power whether it’s moving in the city or covering high distances on motorways. In a grasp, this low-cost city SUV maintains a satisfactory performance level with adequate reliability. 

Dacia Sandero - GoodAutoDeals - GoodAutoBlog

Dacia Safety Features

Dacia Sandero Stepway despite being a low-cost hatchback hasn’t compromised on the standard safety kits in the car. This hatchback cum SUV comes with both driver and front passenger airbags, more to this, Dacia has even added side airbags to ensure high safety. Moreover, to streamline the handling of the car, Sandero Stepway has electronic stability control technology plus the traction control feature too. The car includes an anti-lock braking system to make sure the car doesn’t slip. One amazing safety feature is a cautionary display that lets you know when one of your car’s tires is losing pressure. Other common safety features include child lock and alarm to remind you to tighten your seatbelt. The European car crash body has awarded Dacia Sandero Stepway 4 stars out of 5, that’s really a good rating. 


This is one major area of a win for Dacia Sandero Stepway. The carmaker, Dacia, is highly consistent with the commitment of providing reliable cars at incredibly low prices. Considering Sandero Stepway, one can buy this subcompact city SUV at the price of any supermini car, as the prices start from just £10,145. Moreover, with added features and more luxury, comfort, and SE twenty variants are priced at £11,545. 

Dacia Running Costs 

Dacia Sandero Stepway offers excellent fuel consumption; insurance expenditure on the car is relatively cheap too, and maintenance costs are amazing, which, in aggregation, lowers the total running costs and makes the car a cheap option to consider. If we talk about bi-fuel technology, the 1.0-liter engines are capable of showing the efficiency of 47.1mpg while releasing 136g/km CO2 when consuming petrol, whereas, the engine shows an average of 37.6mpg and releases 123g/km CO2 when running on LPG. Adding more to this, TCe 90 petrol engines are light on your pocket too; giving an efficiency of 44.8mpg and CO2 emissions of 141g/km. Post buy maintenance services are offered by Dacia at a highly affordable price starting from just £150 per annum. Moreover, Sandero Stepway falls into eight categories of the car insurance group, which makes it a cheap choice. 

Dacia Variations and Specs 

Dacia Sandero Stepway has 6 different variants in the market to satisfy every other customer. The entry-level trim known as 0.9 TCe Essential 5dr produces a power of 90bhp. It comes in manual transmission, fuel options include just petrol.  Whereas, an entry-level bi-fuel version popularly known as 1.0 TCe Bi-Fuel Essential generates. A power of 100bph and operates on both petrol and liquid petroleum gas.  Coming forward to comfort trims, there’s 0.9 TCe Comfort 5dr, which as an extra feature. It gives you cruise control and rear parking sensors too and generates a power of 90bph. Moving up we have 0.9 TCe SE Twenty 5dr which produces the power of 90bph and comes in manual transmission. We have in addition to cruise control and rear parking sensors. An infotainment system in 1.0 TCe bi-fuel comfort 5dr which produces a power of 100bph. 

Dacia Sandero - GoodAutoDeals - GoodAutoBlog

Thoughts of Good Car Deals!

Dacia Sandero Stepway is perfectly tuned with varying modern demands. This SUV cum hatchback car gives you all the necessary features, a roomy cabin, and good boot space that the rivals don’t even provide in the cars which are double the price that of Sandero Stepway. A much appealing plus point for Dacia Sandero Stepway is the low running costs (including cheaper taxes, insurance, and maintenance). Moreover, you get good warranty terms when purchasing a new Sandero Stepway, which keeps the reliability element above the prevailing doubts in the market. However, off-roading isn’t recommended with Sandero Stepway because of the lack of any real off-road ability in the car. Overview 

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