Dacia Duster got everything that one expects in a family-sized crossover

When it comes to cars, one cannot negate Dacia’s (Renault’s subsidiary) contribution towards the fast-moving, rapidly changing, and hi-tech automobile industry. Owning to quality, reliability, and customer sovereignty Dacia’s Duster has entirely managed to find a good place in SUVs around. Dacia’s iconic subcompact crossover SUV Duster was first launched in 2012. The subsequent models are proof that Dacia is perfectly in tune with time. How about digging more about this bestselling crossover thoroughly? 

Dacia Duster – Features 

Duster, the giant SUV, has got everything that one expects in a family-sized crossover; bold stance, solid tires with blameless ground clearance, and an eye-catching look. Adding more to the privileges; Duster goes with more cabin space than the closest competitors. The price bracket of Duster is way too economical than the rivals. This is actually where Duster roars alone in the segment. 


Dacia Duster-Exterior-

The all-new Duster is perfectly designed to satisfy your off-roading adventures with sharper body cladding to grasp eye attention. Taking about the beauty, Dacia Duster features body matching colored rear and front bumpers, chromed front grille, automatic double optic headlights, and hold on, Duster’s chromed roof rail is a beauty in itself.   

Digging the beauty thoroughly, Duster enjoys a high ground clearance, approximately 210mm. This is quite enough to climb rough areas without any trouble! Duster’s firm look is backed by a 1695mm height, 1550mm track, and 2673mm wheelbase shifting the road grip at ease. The spacious structure is claimed to 43155mm length, and 1822mm width, giving an extraordinary boot space of 475 liters. By introducing Duster in the league of high off-roading SUVs. Unlike other SUVs, this subcompact crossover achieves a minimum turning radius of just 5.2 meters. We make it possible for Duster to perform well in a rush area too. 


Dacia Duster-Interior-

Duster, besides the comfort and convenience, offers more of a luxurious interior with manufacturer-fitted fabric upholstery to give a pleasant overview within the car.  Duster provides a built-in audio system with the options of USB and Aux connectivity. The car lacks the Bluetooth connectivity but all hopes on the upcoming variants, however, further options include cup holders, door pockets, power windows (both rear plus front), sun visor for both passenger and driver, 12v power outlet, adjustable steering rake, and much more, providing the user with necessary features in simplicity. The duster is equip with a manual air conditioning/heating ventilation system. Heading towards the front cabin, Duster comes with a built-in glove compartment, tachometer, and digital clock to smokescreen the lacks. 

Dacia Trunk Space 

Well, Dacia’s Duster has a winning point if you are considering a big boot space in your new crossover. Yes, the car is incredibly design to allow a trunk space of nearly 445 litres . Moreover, don’t worry if you want more space in your trunk. As Duster can give you 1600litres capacity by just folding down the rear seats. What else do you want from a subcompact SUV? 

Driving and Handling 

Strictly speaking, Duster actually stays quite well-balanced in the corners, although one will hear road plus air noise from around, but the plain suspension wipes these shortages away and holds on, no need to fear the noise as the new models are double glassed making Duster much quieter too. Improvements do not end here, the improved variants are equipped with electric steering; making your turns lighter! When taking the top variants into assessments, 4×4 variants actually meet every essential of a good off-road car.   

Dacia Safety Features 

Dacia Duster-Safety-

This is one area where Dacia Duster falls back! The car lacks some necessary safety kits including one major missing of autonomous emergency braking. This is not even in consideration, that’s pretty much alarming. However, you will find a seat belt reminder for both front and rear seats. Moreover, one good addition to safety features is speed limiter. It can be set by the driver. Dacia Duster comes with 2 airbags as standard and safety is ensure by Bosch 8.1 ABS technology, adding to this, the car is assist by electronic brake force and emergency brake assist. Well, some top-line variants include blind spot detection too, but as mentioned, that’s available only in few latest hardcore models. 


The great-value Dacia Duster is an affordable family car giving an immediate value for money. One can buy a new Duster in the same budget as for any second-hand SUV. Why go to a second hand? When Duster prices start from as low as  £11,745 with little differences in top automatic variants and 4×4 models, making it way too economical for the customers. 

Running Cost 

When considering an off-road car, it is quite important to have a good fuel tank, and yes, Dacia Duster comes with a 50litres fuel tank which is big enough to support your long trips. Talking about fuel efficiency, the claimed petrol consumption is 40mpg. The diesel variant is consider to be more fuel-efficient with 45-50mpg consumption. However, the rivals are equip with more sophisticat engines returning a better fuel consumption than Duster. 

Dacia Duster-Running COst-

Variants and Specs 

This is where Dacia has maintained pure customer sovereignty and has introduced 16 different variants to suit maximum market demands within an economical price bracket. The available variants includes: 1.0 TCe 100 Access 5dr, 1.0 TCe 90 Access 5dr, 1.0 TCe 100 Essential 5dr, 1.0 TCe 90 Essential 5dr, 1.0 TCe 100 Bi-Fuel Essential 5dr, 1.0 TCe 100 Comfort 5dr, 1.0 TCe 90 Comfort 5dr, 1.0 TCe Bi-Fuel Comfort 5dr, 1.3 TCe 130 Comfort 5dr, 1.0 TCe 100 Bi-Fuel Prestige 5dr, 1.5 Blue dCI Comfort 5dr, 1.3 TCe 130 Prestige 5dr, 1.3 TCe 150 Prestige 5dr, 1.5 Blue dCI Prestige  

5dr, 1.5 Blue dCI Comfort 5dr 4×4, and 1.5 Blue dCI Prestige 5dr 4×4. The most latest version and top-line model is 1.5 Blue dCI Prestige 5dr 4×4 (equip with all the improvements. Dacia has made to Duster from time to time including keyless entry and a 360-degree built-in camera). 

Thoughts of Good Car Deals! 

The high wheels club is full of competition at the moment. Dacia has gained real goodwill for providing giant SUVs at half the price of rivals, the same is the case with this family-sized SUV Duster. Although this low-cost SUV lacks in some goof safety kits and has damaged the maker’s goodwill for an inferior quality but hold on, Dacia offers a 3 year 60,000 miles warranty as to the default standard.

If you are thinking to buy a new Dacia Duster, you can save handsome maintenance amounts for at least, if not longer, for a long 3 years period, which actually makes the deal fair enough. Besides the maintenance costs, one must consider fuel efficiency to the bare minimum possible running costs, for which it is highly recommended to go for new TCe engines instead of entry-level Duster Access. All, in a nutshell, the built-in quality, features, and running costs are wholly justified as compared to the invoice price of Dacia Duster.    

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