Coming Soon The Fast Adapter For CCS-1 by Tesla

At the point when we heard that a CCS1 to Tesla connector was FINALLY going to be accessible at once, we requested one. It showed up yesterday from Setec Power and without wasting any time we drive towards an Electrify America charging Station to know whether it worked.


So, in the previous 2 days, reports have been filtering from others that already got theirs, but they were not acceptable. We read online Tesla discussions from Each tweet, YouTube video, and remark but they were objections that it did not work. So, after dropping $660.00 on the connector, it was a very disappointing moment. Even so, we went to Bridgewater, NJ to see with our own eyes to Electrify America site. At that point, it occurred. It worked. Since there were many complaints from people that it did not work for them. We were not happy with its performance at only one kind of DC quick-charge station.

Sad to say, I was not expecting that the adapter will show up (Setec Power gave no following data). So my three-week-old 2021 Tesla Model 3 was completely energized when it was transferred. So, in this way, I needed to cruise around for some time to get the charging level to 70% that I could evaluate the connector. By choice, I  have tried it with a low condition of charge so I could know how much energy it can convey.

What Setec Power says

I could not stop myself to have a drive on it. Setec Power states the connector can bring up to 200-amps. But which has not been declared by anybody that we have seen up until this point. It announced a successful output of 43 kW while charging on the Electrify America station. The vehicle was tolerating 33 kW around then. Could this be a combo of the administration framework? Taking a portion of the energy and the charging misfortunes from the connector?

The station announced conveying 23 kW when I went to the 24-kW station. And that is typical for that unit, but the vehicle said it was getting 16 kW. But as 30 minutes passed, both the vehicle and the station were announcing 22 kW. I guess that the battery heated up more and the thermal administration framework. But it was redirecting the energy to approach at the battery had finally stopped.

The Setec Power connector is enormous and awkward. Maybe somewhat less so than the CHAdeMO to Tesla connector. But it is still somewhat hard to utilize. To position the charging link so you can plug the connector into the vehicle, you must plug the connector into the CCS connector first. The interconnection to the connector will be completed if you press a button on the highest point of the connector.

There have additionally been late reports that for North America. Tesla will sell a CCS1 connector and made it accessible in South Korea. It is very simpler to use than the one from Setec Power and it is much smaller. Once they are accessible, we anticipate getting one to think about. We do not have the foggiest idea for what price Tesla intends to sell the connector for now.


Talking about the price, we declared above that we paid $660 for the connector. A few days earlier, Setec Power updated its site to report that the “discounted price” of $660.00 closes on 12/31/20 (today). They were only selling the first bundle of 1,000 units at a limited cost. So, by tomorrow, the connector converts to its real cost of $980.00. We accept that is somewhat high for most, except if you need to charge your Tesla on a CCS DC quick charger.

We will keep testing out the connector’s different variety of DC quick chargers by doing a full 10% to 80% charging. The test utilizes the connector to perceive how much force it conveys when the vehicle is at a lower level of charging with a hotter battery.

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