BMW Host Its 500-HP iX Electric Design to Europe’s Northernmost Time for Battery Testing

BMW 500-Hp iX new big-nosed electric crossover, the iX, is a giant agreement for the brand. The Bavarians call it their technology flagship, and as such, this SUV crucially grows in-house commitment up to 500 horsepower. However, scale of 300 miles stand on the EPA test cycle statistic that gets bigger to over 372 miles apply the European WLTP test cycle. The actual world-scale lies somewhere between those two BMW hopes to achieve a join forces power. So, the consumption of fewer than 21 kWh per 100 kilometers or equal to 62.13 miles. That’s in line with what tesla declares for its model X P90 and P90D models.


BMW’s tech element of high-voltage batteries, a very fast charging system that require to work on the coldest of days. They keep the best operation by the talented management system’s heat flow to keep the batteries warm. When it comes to being plugged in, BMW declares the iX can go from 10 to 80% battery power in just 40 minutes. Or Even they get 75 miles of span after just ten minutes on the charger.

BMW iX also announced that if you drive to the North Cape of Europe to come to end this test. But as someone, who drove a Miata with the top down in March to the very same island of Norway, In Sweden. If you drive up to Nordkapp, the northernmost spot of Europe on the Norwegian island of Magerøya, you’ll hit both the stranded roads of Finland and Sweden earlier than junction the Norwegian border, just to realize that appreciation to the Gulf Stream.

The unsecured, slippy routes and ice surfaces mostly prepared for test-driving on the edge of the Arctic Circle. That offers the perfect condition to prompt coordinate the motor control technology. The electric four-wheel drive, and interruption control system right up to the boundary of longitudinal and lateral vehicle dynamics.

In fact, the final extend of the route as E69 is especially tight and scenic. So I am happy that BMW’s buildout team could their 500-horsepower electric crossover to Honningsvag. Otherwise, they can cute town where the greatest number who visit North Cape reside.

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