BMW Electrifying its vehicles

We know that the world will become more eco-friendly due to the irrevocable damage done to the biosphere. More and more giant companies are playing their part to be more eco-friendly. Some companies have started using biodegradable plastics. And some have even made a thoughtful plan of embedding their paper shopping bags with seeds. BMW does not want to be left behind to play its part. It has started long ago making electric cars. And in recent studies, it is revealed that already 8% of the vehicles it is manufacturing is electrically powered. BMW Electrifying. These statistics alone make BMW ahead of its competitors, but it will not remain at this spot. BMW is now planning to make most of its cars electronic.
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In an interview with German daily newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine, Chief executive Oliver Zipsi said that the company is deciding to elevate this 8% number to 20% positively by 2023. 

According to this, every fifth car manufactured will run on batter stored power and electric powers. If we look at the sales chart, we will know that only three percent of the vehicles sold is around three percent of its total sales worldwide. In 2019 only 0.4 percent of deals had gone upward on the sales percentage chart. So just thinking that after a couple of years, one in a five-manufactured vehicle will be electric power is a rather ambitious plan.

Chief Executive’s comments:

The Chief executive seems to be very confident and says that “ we are significantly increasing the number of electric vehicles. Between 2021 and 2023, we will build a quarter of a million more electric cars than originally planned”. 

But with the launching of electric cars, they should also be in synchronize with updating the infrastructure. It should be in mind that either present infrastructure will support this many cars on the road. Or create the crazy hustle that will result from poor planning and management. Chief executive  Zipsi also analyses the situation and goes on to say that. “15000 private and about 1300 public charging points would have to be put into operation every week as of today. Unfortunately, we are a long way from that”. 

He further proceeds to say. “My biggest concern is that our electric car offense is being slowed down by the inadequate expansion of the charging infrastructure.” 

The Plan: BMW Electrifying

BMW is planning to electrify 25 of its models on the road. Half of them fully electric. It includes the five series, seven series, X1, upcoming i4 sedan, and the recently launched 2022 BMW iX. 

Zipsi also continued to say that i3 is still in BMW’s long-term business model, in Europe, where it is selling more than its sales in the US. 

BMW is planning to keep i3 electric cars as long as it is selling in the market because it is not only the car with minimum electricity input to give an output of 100 kilometers (62.13 miles) to drive. 

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