Autonomous cars on roads. Expect it by 2025. Says Volkswagen CEO.

The Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest automotive company in terms of sale, Herbert Diess, breaks the news that already feels futuristic. If you crave the advanced and modern vehicles showing off all kinds of tech. You must be thrilled to know that the roads will feature autonomous cars by 2025 with the Volkswagen logo behind.

Autonomous Cars CEO
Source: volkswagenag

The CEO says that the department of artificial intelligence has been working hard in improving the performance of the chip. The particular chip to use in autonomous vehicles. He mentioned that the advanced system will soon be ready to develop an algorithm to handle complex situations while driving. He specifically said told the Wirtschaftswoche weekly magazine.

What to expect?

Well, this would be quite a challenge for the world of IT to develop a complex algorithm. But considering all the tech around us, we can assume that there will be autonomous cars on the road by 2025. The automotive world of today is very modern and it keeps on getting competitive in pursuit of being the best.

Well, there are certain risks to it as well as you’d already anticipated. The brand will have to be more sure that they’ll have a fully functional autonomous car which is also safe to be on the road. Volkswagen is known to provide car lovers with a product that has the best qualities and a very modern futuristic touch. They have been performing well in the automotive world. Considering their performance against their competitors, it is foreseeable to see an autonomous car.

This is indeed mind-blowing news for the fans in the automotive world. We’ll find out if they get to see the autonomous cars by 2025 or not. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. And stay tuned for the update.

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