7th Generation Ford Mustang

What is the 7th gen Mustang’s code name?

The 7th-gen Ford Mustang’s codename, S650, has already been confirmed by an Ford job ad on LinkedIn. While fans had hoped to see a release in 2022, for the model year 2023 A report from Autoline has cast some doubts on the date of release.

Ford announced in the morning that it plans to make an investment of $3.7 billion in U.S. plants to build the seventh generation Mustang as well as the new Ranger truck. The announcement was an unassuming graphic that reads “7th Generation. The brand new Ford Mustang” with the horse logo. The image was not so subtle. the photo was a 6-speed manual shift gate pattern that was located in”the “O”.

The possibility of a stick-shift was not in doubt however it wasn’t an absolute certainty also. Sport car following sporting car have eliminated what was once referred to as”the “standard” shifter. Look at for yourself the Corvette C8, BMW M5, Audi TT, Toyota Supra (though this will shortly be fixed) and everything else from Ferrari. Nowadays, manuals are so scarce that car manufacturers make large-scale announcements about their existence. Check out examples of this: the Nissan ZAcura Integra and the coming Mustang.

Previous speculations have been about the coming Mustang to debut in 2023, for the model year 2024 (also the 60th anniversary of the model), powered by hybrid engines. The rumors have pointed to the possibility of hybridized models of and the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder and a Coyote V8. A fully electric Mustang will be driven with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

In April Ford’s vehicle director for iconic vehicles and Ford Performance, Ali Jammoul was candid during an interview on The Australian magazine Wheels. “You are aware that eventually, it will be removed, isn’t it?” Jammoul continued, “As long as there’s an audience for it and people need that more powerful experience, it will remain and you’ll be able to provide more from an automaticgearbox, especially with electric motors.” Jammoul added, “It’s clear there will be more electrification and manual gearboxes won’t exist in the near future.”

Therefore, even the manual gearbox continues to be able to shift a new Mustang model, this may be the last.

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